Defense of the Ancients 2 DOTA 2

Gold and other obtainable items appears to be a significant and important factor within practically every game now-a-days DOTA2 bares no exclusion to this rule. If you’ve come across this page as a beginner and or even as a player wishing to better understand the game you may want to understand which items are important to obtain in the game and if there are any quick ways to make some gold to get them. Here are some hints to get you started.

In DOTA 2 you gain gold by eliminating enemies and heroes. You’re also able to eliminate neutral creeps which are randomly dispersed across the game in “creep camps.” Occasionally they do re-spawn but regardless they are a good source of gold. If you end up getting killed in the game unfortunately you will lose a ton of gold and your enemy will scoop it up.

Doom Bringer may be your best choice to start gathering your gold for the simple fact he is able to gobble up creeps for additional gold. Creeps will yield anywhere from 30-60 pieces of gold depending on their level during the game. One of the best strategies is to try to accumulate as much gold as you can between levels 1-9 as it will become increasingly difficult further down the road. If you do realize it is becoming increasingly harder to obtain gold don’t be shy to grab up some neutral creeps on your side of the map and gather gold that way.

Choosing the items greatly depends on which hero you end up deciding to play as. Every item in DOTA is useful and you have to use your discretion as to which item to get and when however I can provide you with some very basic tips.
If you’re just starting be sure to snag a ring of regeneration immediately with any hero – just don’t get too anxious with it and use it early on. Boots are usually regarding as a beneficial and important item. If you pick a hero that has the ability to use the blink dagger then this is also a must have early on. You’re able to use this as a tool to escape also. Items related to healing should just be a given, you lose gold when you’re killed so you want to make sure you stay alive as long as you can. You can buy a Hand of Midas at a later time which will allow you to get a little more gold although it isn’t so much a necessity as it is just a little boost in gameplay. The best thing to remember is that DOTA2 is not for the faint of heart, there is a learning curve and the complexity of the game is a little more than most people are used to playing online. Getting a strategy guide is most beneficial if you really want to dominate the game. We do recommend DOTA2 Ownage as it is the most complete and thorough guide out there.