David Cross Imposter Sleeping With Unsuspecting Women All Over Lower Manhattan

After yesterday’s post, it has come out that there is in fact a sleazy David Cross impersonator running around the city. He uses his resemblance to trick sexy college co-eds into coming back to his apartment. Susie Felber writes:

As I have told people many times, there IS a David Cross imposter in NYC. I know it sounds bizarre, but it’s true. He hangs out in downtown bars and accepts drinks from people who think he is Cross. He has taken many women home who think they are sleeping with David Cross. They either find out afterwards or never that they didn’t have a night of passion with the famous and brilliant balding guy, but with the creepy mootch who found he could get away with murder.

When I twice called him on his outrageous behavior at Corner Bistro (where a huge group of college kids were flipping out becuase they were around a celeb), his attitude was, “If they don’t know, why should I tell them?”

Look out star F’ers!

If anyone has information or a photo of the man, please come forward. We’ll bring him down the way the internet brought down The Subway Flasher.

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