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Best Security Camera

Peace of mind is something that everyone desires. Even living in a relatively safe neighborhood cannot completely take away that unsettling feeling one may get when watching the news everyday. It is therefore not surprising that there has been a steady increase in security camera manufacturers in recent years. Even if security cameras cannot completely […]

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Celebrity Stops By The Ucbt Tonight!

The Dave Hill Explosion tonight at the UCBT is promising an appearance by Khrystyne Haje, AKA, Simone, the fiery redhead from the hit 80’s tv show Head of the Class. How does Dave Hill know all these famous people? BONUS Photo courtesy of the guy on the right who has A WHOLE SITE dedicated to […]

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By his own admission, actor Lonny Ross says his alter ego, Josh Girard of NBC’s 30 Rock, is not so different from himself: “We are both dudes who do weird voices, make funny faces and enjoy wearing hoodies.” But stripped to their cores, Lonny and Josh are simply two young actors-slash-writers who appear on a […]

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