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Time Management Tips: Get Organized With Technology

Do you ever think back to how we survived on the good old days without ATM Cards, or E-mail? I know it seems crazy but I bet there was a time that you thought something like this: Oh I know totally! I mean why would anyone wanna carry a phone with them when there’s a […]

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How to Change the Default Printer

Going to show you how to change the default printer in Windows. The default printer is the printer that all of your print jobs will go to as soon as you click the print button. To change it let’s go to start and select the control panel. Scroll down to the to about the middle […]

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How to Connect to a Remote Computer Using HyperTerminal

Going to show you how to connect to a remote computer using hyperterminal. Let’s all type hyperterminal by clicking on your start button at the bottom, all programs, accessories. We are going to choose communications then hyperterminal. We want to give our connection a name, I’m just going to say connect to server. You can […]

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How to Clean Windows XP Registry

Going to show you how to clean your Windows XP Registry. What we’re going to use to clean our Windows XP Registry is a program called Reg Clean that comes from Microsoft. If you’ll just search the internet for Reg Clean, you’ll find the download for it. When you first scan Reg Clean, it’s going […]

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How to Copy Files in Linux

Going to show you how to copy files in Linux. Copying files in Linux can be done by a simple command line entry. Here’s my Linus computer. I have a file here, testcpp that I want to make a copy of. First let’s open it up And as you can see, there is the text […]

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How Wifi Wireless Internet Router Works

To explain a very complex process, but to understand how WiFi works you must understand what WiFi is Def- “WiFi is a facility allowing computers, smartphones, or devices to connect to the internet or communicate wirelessly is a router. Wireless routers connect to a modem, the internet data come into the Router from phone lines […]

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