Bob Saget Reborn?

After viewing The Aristocrats, it’s hard to walk away from it without thinking that Bob Saget (the falsetto voice on America’s Funniest Videos) is on some kind of other level than the rest of the folks in the movie.

Delightful Data: Bob Saget started out in L.A.’s world famous Groundlings improv troupe!

The usually omniscient AST message board even lacks the tools to process this new revelation that Bob Saget might be the most underrated, most misunderstood comedian out there. Could a Bob Saget renaissance be underway?

Frankly, there isn’t much information on the net about Saget, except for Bob Saget is God, which while charming in a primordial webpage kind of way, is totally useless. The Apiary did find a list of his upcoming tour dates… which are all in Denver, Homestead, or Ontario.

Someone needs to book this guy in NYC. Saget is also in an ideal spot that seems ripe for an interview in The Onion’s AV Club, yeah? Only the future knows for sure whether an awakening in critical popularity is underway.