Binatone R435 Review

This Binatone R435 review is for you to make your mind as to whether you want to buy the product or not. If you weren’t sure of how the product works or what its specifications are, then this review would serve you ideally. If you are in need of a satellite navigation device that can get the job done with ease, then this Binatone R435 is a device you can count on.

Brief Product Description

This R435 has many new features, which the previous versions didn’t accommodate. To ease your nerves further, the device has a Bluetooth control coupled with the Enhanced Position Technology that helps in displaying the device information in areas where satellite signals may weaken a bit. The EPS technology incorporates a gyroscope and a state accelerometer that helps in calculating lateral acceleration movements. If you are in a budget and looking for an ideal navigation device to be used in the UK and Ireland, then this R435 can serve to be an ideal pick for you.

Product Features & Technical Details

Owing to a sleek design, the product has a smaller battery that only support 2 hours of battery time. However, considering the price and the design of this device, this seems pretty much okay. You can overcome the issue by going with the pre-planned routes the device has to offer, rather than relying on the in-car internal battery. The fact that its dimensions are 12.2cm x 7.8cm x 1.2cm and the weight being 142g, you can also count on this device in terms of sleek design and ideal weight as well. The loudspeakers are powerful, clear and actually louder than the other most of the devices available in the market. It is imperative for you to have a navigation device that offers powerful loudspeakers so you can plan you way without any hiccups. You can save additional maps based on the internal memory of the device. Though, the pre-loaded maps can work fine, yet still you can personalize the device by having maps you think will best serve you on the road.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

The existing owners find the device stunning, but many of them point out certain flaws as well. Battery time is the major issue the owners talk about a lot, but planning your journey can help you overcome all the odds. When it comes to feedback, some of the existing owners have pointed out the fact that the packaging and the mount design could have better and this is something what they expect of the company in the future. The layout of the device should also be looked into, as the current layout seems a bit out-dated. This is what the existing customers have to say keeping in front the Binatone R435 review.

Pros of product

The Bluetooth and the EPS technology is something to reckon and the great screen makes the use of enhanced technology even more fun. The biggest plus of this device can be the ease of using and handling the product. Audio volume of device is another aspect to look forward to. The extremely affordable price sets the device apart from the competitors, and for those looking for all the navigation features at a comparatively lower price, this Binatone R435 has become a must-buy. The device also offers 2D and 3D mapping which is another feature to look forward to.

Cons of product

The Bluetooth remote responds after few seconds, which can be annoying when you are just starting the navigation system. Map Share option can be enhanced to offer a much more reliable and efficient system for the users to enjoy. The absence of mains power charger/adapter is somewhat rated as a loophole of the device. The power LED is a poorly positioned, so make sure you keep a note of that. At times, it can become difficult to locate the power socket , making it the process annoying and time-consuming for you.

Who should buy this product

This is no rocket science to conclude that this product is a must buy for all those that don’t mind buying an efficient car navigation at an affordable cost. Price tag plays a key role in buying decisions of customers, so if you are one of those, then buying this device would ease your nerves big time.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Performance is superb and the easy to use software and navigating options are a must-have. One commendable thing about the product is that one can use it even without knowing too much about the device. It is that simple to use and after reading this Binatone R435 review, you’d have come across accurate and exact information you need before buying the device.