Binatone B350 Review

This Binatone B350 review will serve you with plenty of insight about the device. Ever since the launch, this device has made it big in the market with the discounted price and amazing performance. Binatone has never ceased to amaze the customers, and this recent launch has served the device owners big time. If you travel a lot, then make sure you have this product lined up.

Brief Product Description

When on the road, it is essential that you don’t compromise on the performance of a navigation device, so this is why this product can be more than handy for you. The device uses a lithium-polymer battery that you need to handle with extreme care. Make sure you don’t use the device and specifically the battery at prohibited areas like near any medical equipment etc. The device comes with plenty of maps within Europe, so if you are looking to make the most of your journey, then having this device can be ideal. So, before you finalize your trip, make sure you buy this product to assist you when on the road.

What comes in the box

The box contains the Binatone GPS device and a car mounting kit so you can place the device with ease. There is an in-car charger and a USB cable you can find in the box. USB cable can be used to charge the device with your personal computer. In addition, the box contains a user-guide for you to overcome any issues regarding setting up and operating the device.

Product Features & Technical Details

The easy to use navigation feature is a big plus. With just a click, you can view your location and all the other POI’s located within the range. The device notifies you in case of difficult diversions and intersections so you can plan with time to spare. If you’d like to change your existing route, then the device can help you with plenty of alternative routes that you can count on. With a bigger display, you can enjoy the GPS reception like never before. The GPS receiver incorporates the latest navigation software, so make sure you don’t miss out on this Binatone B350 review.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

Price is one factor that has made the device extremely popular, but Binatone has managed to come up with a stunning combination of price, efficiency and performance, which makes it inevitable for people to buy this Binatone B350.

Pros of product

Loudspeakers are louder than the previous version of the device and the customizable screen patterns make this device a must-buy for all those who are on the road most of the times. Clear maps and easy to use software serves as the primary benefit you can derive by going for this device. The big display makes the screen quite responsive. If you are looking for a device with multi-language feature and 2D and 3D navigational feature, then, without a shadow of doubt, this has to be your go-to product.

Cons of product

Owing to small memory, you may have to remove plenty of voice options to make room for various maps and other features. The internal memory of the device is a bit on the lower side, but the external memory can come handy in that regard. When you buy the product, it takes time to initialize and setup properly, which makes you wait for the device to get responsive. The device tends to stop working or there is limited reception in case of foggy or cloudy weather. The pre-installed software is another aspect the company needs to work in order to improve efficiency of the device.

Who should buy this product

There are plenty of similar devices to choose from in the market, but if you looking for performance and unmatched price, then you’ve no option other than relying on this Binatone B350 device. Whether you are looking for a navigation device to help you regularly while on the road, or it is just for a one-off trip, this device can certainly make your day. Everyone who looks to be at ease while on the road should have this product without thinking over it much. The utility of the device is immense, so buying this device would offer the required peace of mind you need in terms of a GPS navigation device.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Once you set up the device and it is in work-able condition, you can just enjoy the enhanced navigation options while on the road. Majority of the customers recommend the device not just for its reduced price, but also because of the supreme efficiency and matchless performance, the device has to offer. With all those features and immaculate performance, recommending this device to you isn’t a tough nut to crack. There are certain minor flaws but considering the price of the device, buying it would certainly be a profit-able deal. If you are finding it difficult to come to a conclusion in terms of buying the device or not, then you can always refer to Binatone B350 review for a complete insight on the device.