Audition Marriage Proposal And They Met On Myspace!

A YouTube clip can never be too meta, can it? Well, sketch-comedy guy Michael Terry (PartyCentralUSA) decided to propose to his actor-girlfriend Heather Kenzie by setting up a fake audition for Kay Jewelers. Yup, leave it to comedy nerds to make every Goddamn thing in their lives a bit! JK – congrats, you two!

So…I set up a fake couples commercial for Kay Jewelers. The fake commercial is a proposal gone wrong – I propose but I keep saying the wrong thing (tag line: You work on the first part, we’ve got the rest). There are four takes, and in each one the casting director keeps telling me to improvise on the written (fake) script. In the last take, she tells me to completely improvise the whole thing. And so I propose with a real ring instead of the toy I’ve been using for the previous three takes, and a real proposal I wrote (I was so nervous I didn’t get it exactly right.)