About Us

Established in May of 2005, The Apiary is an award winning site originally dedicated to generating and publishing breaking news about the electric New York City comedy scene and national comedy happenings. We uncover gossip, interview artists, recap shows, shoot photos from live events, prepare exclusive content, and stuff.

The Apiary has built relationships with the top comics, venues, advertisers, and bloggers to promote events, discover new talent, and give away things that will look nice in your home media center. Our positive tone draws a unique and extensive industry readership. The Apiary is the first website of its kind and has set the bar for every comedy news site since.

In the late 2000s, the site begat two sister blogs: The Bastion in Chicago and The Coming in LA. Both were managed by local editors and enjoyed varying degrees of popularity until their editors found better things to do. Rather than languish in disrepair, the content of those sites has been merged here.

Relive the memories!

Archives of the Chicago site, The Bastion | 2006-2008

Archives of the LA site, The Coming | 2007-2009

We make content that’s accessible and enjoyable to the casual Googler, the aspiring writer, the comedy veteran, and superfans from coast to coast.

Current Masthead

Nate Sloan – EIC
Keith Huang – Global Editor
Kristy Mangel – Chicago Editor
Andy Ross – Artist in Residence
Andrew Singer – Contributor
Matt Fried – Contributor

Former Editors and Contributors

Brandi Ediss
Elizabeth McQuern
Ben Kharakh
Becky Ciletti
Margot Leitman
Rick Paulas
Mo Diggs
Sara Benincasa
Neil Padover
Chris Singel
Abbi Crutchfield
Eliot Glazer
The Librarianist