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The Coming Is Here!

Tough BabyForget, for a moment, about the grammatical confusion of the above title. (How something can be coming and yet already here sounds too much like quantum physics for us to wrap our feeble minds around.) What's important is that The Apiary - the place to go for any NYC comedy related news - done got themselves knocked up and had another kid.

As our siblings, The Bastion, have been reporting on the underground comedic workings of the Windy City, the West Coast will be our territory. We'll be here, keeping you informed of the goings-on in the LA underground comedy scene with the latest news, interviews, show recaps and, heck, this being LA and all, we'll probably even have a celebrity sighting or two. At the very least, there's bound to be some mention on the Santa Monica tranny hookers. And if that's not worth the price of admission (free), we don't know what is.

Please, feel free to email us with any tips, show recaps, link suggestions, or just overall fun stuff. We like fun. You like fun. Now let's get together and use that fun.

(And with a firm smack of the tuckus by the delivery room nurse, The Coming was welcomed into the world ...)
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