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Your Weekend of Red-Blooded American Fun, Summarized

Man-hogFriday: The UCB's Stand-Up Spotlight has Michelle Biloon doing a spankin' hot 30-minute set. (8:00pm, $5) Troop!, Sketch Armstrong, 11th Hour, and Mail Order Comedy settle their differences through the power of sketch at the Comedy Cocktail. (8:00pm, $20) The special Groundhog's Day edition of The Fake Show wonders if Rick Overton, Taylor Negron, Martha Kelly, and Maria Bamford will see their shadow. (9:00pm, $5)

Saturday: While the following show titles are censored, we have a feeling you'll get your fill of cursing. First up, we have Sean Conroy, Nikki Glaser, Jackie Kashian and more at the Live Show. (10:00pm, $10) Dr. Cocky Muther F'r and Mister Aidsnotfunny (Matts Besser and Walsh) rape some purses and salute GG Allin in their monthly visual arts showcase, F'd Up & Illegal Videos at the UCB. (midnight, $5)

Sunday: Some kind of sporting event.

Photo of the Moment: Free Ignignokt!

We have a feeling it's going to be a slow day around these parts for two reasons: (a) Everyone's coming down from the high that was last night's mostly-brilliant premiere of "The Sarah Silverman Program"; (b) We'll be spending way too much time today reading Super Bowl columns, as if we needed to get any more hyped up about the event.

(For the sports-inclined, here's, in our opinion, not only the greatest Super Bowl analysis we've read this year, but a pretty good example of just how kooky columnists have to be after spending two weeks churning out daily stories about every tiny piece of minutiae regarding this game.)

Now, then. This is currently our favorite photo making its way around the Internets. Needless to say, it's our current desktop:

Never Forget

(Photo via AST board)

Show Recap: You're Welcome, 1.31.07

Patton's BibleAn anonymous kinda fella was good enough to send along this fantastic show recap of the You're Welcome! show from last night. It's so great in fact, it makes our previous one look like shitty goth poetry. Enjoy.

Meta Comedy at the Meta Theater


Drew Droege
Jarrett Grode
Josh Fadem
Patton Oswalt
Joe Wagner
Chris Fairbanks
Brent Weinbach
Andy Kindler

You're Welcome concluded it's first month of shows with a bang. It's often said that Andy Kindler is a "comedian's comedian," which always bugs the crap out of me because it infers that the rest of us don't get him at all, and nothing could be further from the truth. It was appropriate that Kindler closed what ended up being a real comedy show for real comedy fans. Since there were apparently fewer a capella groups touring LA this week, the crowd was made up almost entirely of CDR regulars/junkies who enjoyed a night of "comedians' comedy." Patton Oswalt looked out at the crowd of diehards and remarked, "it's a Kindler!"

Jarrett Grode did the only thing resembling an actual comedic set of prepared material, which consisted entirely of only his most racially-questionable jokes. Josh Fadem had an inspired set of intentionally awkward Kraftwerk, I mean crowd work, and Brent Weinbach amazed with his ludicrous physical inventions. Drew Droege hosted as a fetching Chloe Sevigny trying out a comedy act for the first time. Chloe's best moments came when she did impressions based on crowd suggestions. "Isaiah Washington!" yells someone in the crowd. "You faggot!" yells Sevigny. "Hitler!" yells Kindler from the wings. "You faggot!" yells Sevigny.

Patton Oswalt was Patton Oswalt (say no more), and Joe Wagner had a set of whispered, internalized rage that segued beautifully into a moment when he ran to the fake window of the fake set of the fake Meta Theater, opened it and yelled "I'm not going to take it anymore!" Comics tonight referenced Network, the Beatles, Fibber McGee and Molly, and even the Ted Mack comedy hour and somehow the audience in 2007 ate it up (thank goodness for Kindler providing some balance with up to date YouTube and James Blunt references).

The jokes of the night were jokes about jokes. At one point Weinbach did a bit within a bit within a bit that I'm still trying to work through in my head.

So was it a comedy show, or was it a riff on a comedy show? That is the meta-question of the night. What hath Kindler and his disciples wrought with his deconstruction of the artform? Watching so many comics play with the structure and content of the standup act, it occurred to me that we in LA are a bunch of effete fucks. We laugh at comedy and we also laugh at Comedy. If that makes any sense, metaphysically. It's a Kindler, alright. And I'm Okay With That.

There's an Oswalt line about imagining Kindler as Ben Franklin that needs to end up on a bumper sticker, it's so fucking great: "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and a third thing."

For a bunch more photos, head over here.

Have You Seen This Boy?

Aziz Ansari has a few updates on the filming of Human Giant's MTV-sketch show over at his blog. Among them, a request for finding this boy:

We'll let Aziz explain:

The past few days, there's been a massive hunt for the wherever abouts of Cody Austin to legally clear use of his headshot for Shutterbugs. Apparently, there's something wrong with saying a little kid fingerbanged your secretaries on TV without his legal consent. Do you know where this man is? If MTV can't find him, he won't be on the Bugs MTV debut! Nooooo! Cody is irreplaceable, please help us. If you know his whereabouts, email me immediately!

Here's his pic:

Cody Austin

If you've seen him, send Aziz an email.

Speaking of Aziz, the Human Giant fellas have a show tonight over at the UCB. We highly recommend you going. A few weeks ago we were in attendance when they showed a whole lot of preview clips from their new show.

When they showed "The Illusionators", they made the comment that it won't be on the MTV show. And while that's unfortunate, we can live with it simply because of this photo.

MySpace Tom Approves of Commerce!

We generally hate MySpace bulletins. We don't really care about your grammatically-incorrect answers to boring survey questions, or your requests to forward along a made-up story of forgiveness in order to prove to God that we've let him into our lives. (We do however enjoy reading about the sexual experiences you've had with your top ten.) But when we saw one from the Comedians of Comedy MySpace page about a new Zach Galifianikis T-shirt, we had to take a look.

20 dollars later, we're glad we did:


The Chunklet website says they're available for an extremely limited time (kind of like Zach's time living in LA, if the rumors are correct), so get 'em while they're hot!