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The Great and Secret Show!

This image explains The Great and Secret Show featuring Mike Burns & Kyle Kinane, Andrew Donnelly, Ronnie Prouty, Mr. Shits, The Convinceables, and the Lasky Report. This show runs every Thursday at 9pm at the Hollywood Improv Lab (8162 Melrose Ave), is free, and has free Great and Secret Punch! Yay!!!

You had us at free punch.

Horse Fight Tonight

Know who's weird and awesome? Erik Charles Nielsen.
Know what's weird and awesome? A bar that requires a password.
Know when's weird and awesome? Okay, that kind of doesn't make sense, but the always hilarious Horse Fight stand-up showcase is tonight at 9:30 at R Bar (3331 W. 8th St.), hosted by the unique Erik Charles Nielsen. Details straight from the horse's mouth*:

Horse Fight!The show starts at 9:30pm and is free. (Please, buy a drink -- or several drinks -- if you are so inclined.) The venue requires a password for entry; the password is currently "I like chemicals". You may not like chemicals. But I bet everyone likes SOME chemicals. Just say it.

This month's lineup is pretty great. We have Blaine Capatch, Howard Kremer, Craig Anton, Eddie Pepitone, Susan Burke, Shannon Hatch, and Elisha Yaffe. As always, I'm hosting. I don't even know why you would consider not going to this show, unless you had somewhere else to go, which I suppose is plausible.

Also, could you tell your friends about the show? If you have any friends who don't know about the show, that is. I would, but I think I've already told everybody I know.

*You expected an apology for that bad pun. Well we f'ing love bad puns, so you're not getting one.

6 Month Show, Learn About Your Body

They say that it's rare for a comedy show in LA to make it six months. They are jerks who don't know how to put on an amazing show that's also free and features karaoke. We know of one:

Comedy Coalition

Tonight's line-up at the Comedy Coalition (not including super secret special surprise guests) includes Matt Champagne, Alex Nussbaum, Fahim Anwar, Jeff Short, Chad Zumock, Geoff Keith, TJ Miller, and Kyle Kinane. Head on down to the Blue Goose Lounge (5201 W Sunset Blvd) at 8:30 for the free show, free parking, and cheap beer.

If you're in the mood for something a little more educational, head on over to The Secret World of Human Science at the Comedy Central Stage (6539 Santa Monica Boulevard) at 8pm. The show is a free, condensed version of the hit which has been selling out shows at the Steve Allen theater for a year as well as rave reviews. The rumor is that it may also be headed to the small screen with just a little more hype, so let's hype this beast! The show is FREE but requires a reservation by calling (323) 960-5519.

Monday Shows!

If you want to think political, come check out the best live weekly comedy news show in LA Big News. Tonight is actually their "Best of September" show, and I think we all remember how crazy September was. That show starts at 7pm at ioWest (6366 Hollywood Blvd) for $5. It's like a live Daily Show, with impersonations. And a bar.

What's Up, Tiger Lily Obama ShowIf you want to act political, this week's "What's Up, Tiger Lily?" features a $10 donation raffle to the Obama campagin, for such prizes as:

    -Autographed limited edition LPs of Patton Oswalt's comedy album!!!
    -Certificates for free dinners at awesome Silverlake restaurants such as Masa.
    -Bags of Starbucks Coffee.
    -Movie tickets
    -and more!

That show starts at 8 at Cuba Libre (1745 N. Vermont Ave). It's normally a free show, but why not get involved in the political process and have a chance to win some sweet swag?

If you're sick of politics but like mexican beer and/or webcasts, we recommend Bowser's Castle at 8:00 at El Cid (4212 Sunset Blvd). It's the premiere of a new stand-up show with free admission, free parking, and $3 Tecates. This bad boy is hosted by Scott Bowser, featuring Sean Conroy, Josh Didonato, Kim Clark, Meghan Parks, Sean Hart, Harp Pekin, and produced by Sean Hart and Scott Bowser. If you don't even want to leave your house, check out the webcast at

Triclops, Meltdown, and Heroin

In no particular order, except the order in which we most want to see them, we've got three excellent shows going on tonight:

Triclops Triclops is a pantload of stand-up comedy. Tonight at 6pm at the Silverlake Lounge (2906 Sunset) begins the sign-up for the open-mic, then the open mic comics go from 6:30-8. After 8 are the "special guests" also known as "actual comics with talent not Bill from Accounting who got there early and stole your open mic spot." This week those "special guests" are our special friends T.J. Miller, Kyle Kinane, and Amber Tozer. The catches to such a hilarious night of uproarious comedy? It's 21-plus, but it's a free show. Also, it's a whole lot of sitting and watching comedy, but it's $2 beers from 5-8. Yeah, agreed, that is pretty awesome.

You could also check out a free, Asahi-sponsored killer stand-up line-up a little farther west. This little shindig known as Comedy Meltdown X is also tonight, featuring Maria Bamford, Ed Salazar, Vance Sanders, Tony Sam, Raj Desai, and hosted by Jonah Ray. Friendly reminder that parking may be a little difficult, especially on a Friday night that close to LC and Audrina (who knows what those crazy girls are going to be up to?!).
Comedy Meltdown

Your final option for sweet stand-up goodness is to head on over Santa Monica way and catch the Be-Bop Heroin Hour at the always delightful Westside Eclectic at 1030pm for $5. The line-up, per their facebook event:
Jackie Kashian (Comedy Central, Dork Forest)
Jason Nash (Guys with Feelings)
Renee Gauthier (Blerds, Second City)
Scott Boxenbaum (Laugh Factory, Ice House)
Cornell Reid (Everywhere Ever)
Alan Gordon (My freaking cousin)
and Chi Chi Lavie (jazz goddess)

Check out all three, or get sloppy drunk at any one. If you don't laugh your tuckus off tonight, don't blame us.