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Your Night of Heartbreaking Bitter Loneliness, Summarized!

AlfalfaEdit: Oh man. We're going to have to give that Anonymous Asshole a fact-checking job. "He" -- or "she"; we've met plenty of asshole ladies -- has been doing a bang-up job in the corrections department. To summarize, yesterday's Dork Forest did NOT have the folks mentioned below, but instead Paul Jay and Robert Yasumura (available for download here). As usual, we're blaming the interns.

As a service to the folks who will not be spending the night in an awkwardly-forced bout of intercourse, we have the unavoidable gaps in your night of desolation-repairing masturbation covered.

First up, and pretty soon actually, we have the Dork Forestradio program with co-hosts Joe Wilson and Jackie Kashian. The show starts at 4pm (PST) and can be streamed over at their site. They'll be welcoming in some grade-A level talent, with some lady named Jen Kirkman, the almighty leader of everything AST Matt Belknap, and The Bammer(!) stopping by in some form or another. (4pm, Free with computer!)

Later on tonight, when you've composed yourself from the explosive laugh-gasm after listening to the above aural event, head on over to the UCB for The Many Faces of Love. Hosts Eliot Laurence and Amy Rhodes welcome comedically-enhanced love stories from Paul Rust, Casey Wilson, James Adomian, Drew Droege, Lauren Palmigiano, Pete Zias and Ben Dickerson. (8pm, $5)

At the exact same time -- if you have some of those sweet ass consciousness-splitting powers, we recommend using them tonight -- head over to IO West for Singles Bar, a Valentine's-themed improv extravaganza. Performers include Justin Johnson, Paul Natonek, Steve Shane, Dave Stratton, Molly Hawkey, Annie Hoff and Adam Karell, who are so nasty that the show is only for folks 21 and over. Sorry, teenagers. You don't know what heartbreak is anyway. (8pm, $10)

A bit later on, the Meta Theater serves as the backdrop for You're Welcome!, featuring Paul F. Tompkins, Marc Maron, Bill Chott, Michelle Biloon, Machu Picchu, Mookie Blaiklok, Nadia Bacon, host Tom Sharpe, maybe some other special guests and, most importantly, free beer! All this for $5! That's cheaper than a hooker who'll make you momentarily forget your empty chasm of a life this Valentine's Day! (9pm, $5)

If you've sucked it up and spent the 5 bucks on a hooker of the trannie variety, then head on over to Name of Show, which might or might not be free! (We'd click the link, but we're currently frightened of MySpace pages after watching too many episodes of "To Catch A Predator".) Tonight, leave your inhibitions at the door and meet a member of the opposite sex while watching Matt Manser, Paul Malowitz, Chad Fogland, Erik Charles Nielsen, Taylor Williamson, and hosts Paul Jay and Ed Salazar. (10pm, possibly free, possibly not, we can't do everything for you, jerks)

Video of the Moment: Joe Rogan vs. Ned Holness!

For months, years, decades now, Joe Rogan has been accusing Ned Holness -- aka Comedy Central's Carlos Mencia -- of stealing jokes from other comics. (Which is, frankly, an odd accusation to us, since we didn't know Mencia was a comic.) The duo have been going back and forth for awhile now, sometimes on radio shows, sometimes on YouTube'd videos, sometimes on a combination of both, and it looks like things finally came to a head last Saturday over at the Comedy Store.

According to Redban:

Joe Rogan got off stage, and an angry Carlos Mencia grabbed the microphone from the next comic and ask for Joe to come back for a comedy battle with the perfect outcome.

Which brings us to the video in question:

The video's quite amazing actually, the only downside being unable to get that damn wacky mariachi song out of our heads. If we had to pick a winner after this debate, our vote would be firmly in Rogan's camp, which isn't that big of a shock, since the above video wasn't exactly unbiased, seeing as it was edited for Rogan's "JoeShow" Internets-based reality show and all. That said, Mencia was the one who asked Rogan up onstage in the first place. You reap what you sow. (We'd put a cheap Mexican labor joke here, but we're afraid Mencia might steal it from us.)

Also: Mr. Rogan himself has a nice account of the entire story over at his blog. We also recommend the AST thread for a nice sample of how some other comics are responding to the video.

General Dispatches from The Groundlings, Part 2


From time to time, Miss Dorien Davies will be allowing us a secret glimpse into her life as she takes the Advanced level course at The Groundlings. This is her second dispatch. The first can be found here.

Call it dedication, delusion, or perhaps even a smige of self loathing. I'm not sure.

What would you call someone who goes to her six-hour Groundlings Advanced class despite having woken up at four 'o clock in the morning, sweating and shaking, with a fever of 102? (And let me just preface this by telling you that I'm still fighting whatever horrid virus has taken up residence in my body, so my rationale is not completely reliable.) I'm calling it dedication, people!

After a week of writing and preparing for last Sunday's class I was going to be dammed if anything was going to stop me from putting up my new material. I had four new co-writes and two new solo-writes that I thought definitely had some kind of legs, at least enough to grant me some kudos and a handful of rewrites. But the thing is, with Groundlings, even if something is pretty good, all you hear about is what needs to be changed and worked on. Our accolades will come from our performances, not from our teachers. Our teacher's job is to make our material the best it can be, not to kiss our boo boos.

One of my favorite sketches, of the forty that went up on Sunday, was written by some friends of mine. It was an adorable piece about a woman at work who finds love in the arms of the Sparklets man. It was a silent piece, all set to music and made me, for a moment, forget I was so sick. And then my teacher then gave them ten minutes of notes. By the time they were done, they had no idea that the sketch had killed. All they knew was that they had a lot of work to do on it.

The day was tough for me too. Some of my sketches were too similar to other people's, and some were just not funny. "It's cute," said my teacher, "but it's not funny." I also got a, "so what is this scene about?" I ended up with three "if you want to" rewrites and three hearty "NO!"s. Which is actually not that bad.

A rewrite means that there is something that our teacher liked, and if executed well, could be considered for the show. I have eight now total, which is more than some people in my class have written all together. But compounded with the fluish feelings of someone slowly cutting off my oxygen supply to my head, I found myself wanting to cry, more than once. I knew I wasn't going to get any sympathy from class because most of them felt the same way and they weren't even sick, so I waited until I got to the car. Then I went home and fell asleep. I dreamed of character arcs and black out lines. And when I woke up, on Monday afternoon, I started thinking about sketch ideas.

Call it what you will, but next Sunday, I'm taking my dedicated delusion and going back to that theater and putting up six new pieces dammit!

Show Recap: What's Up, Tiger Lily?, 2.13.07

We're all winners!

We took in one hell of a show the other night over at "What's Up, Tiger Lily?" with our good friend David Pardue, who just happens to be a contributing writer in these parts. As such, we goaded him into writing a mini-recap, which follows.

Local High-Profile Comic Victim of Theft!

I went to Tiger Lily in Los Feliz Monday night to celebrate the release of Maria Bamford's new CD, How To Win. I expected copies of the CD would be available for purchase, so I brought some extra cash along. Little did I know that I would be witness to a crime. Instead of being sold, CDs were given away free to all attendees.

A case could be made that this crime was perpetrated with the full knowledge of Bamford, especially as she was the one handing out the CDs. But still! How to Win, Maria? More like how to lose! By my calculation, at $10-15 per CD, Bamford is out like, well, some hundreds of dollars. On top of that, there was no cover charge for the evening. I was a bit non-plussed by this, and ended up spending my cash on drinks and a delicious dim sum appetizer.

Not only that, but I saw, in order, Natasha Leggero, Melinda Hill, Karen Korn, Eddie Pepitone, Michelle Biloon, Jackie Kashian, Doug Benson, Jeffery Ross and Andy Kindler perform. Everyone contributed to a hugely enjoyable evening of comedy. For free, did I mention?

Bamford also sprinkled in a number of classic bits from her CD during the course of the evening. The disc itself is really superb and listening to it helped make up for some of the guilt I felt in stealing it, signed with a personalized greeting, out of the hands of Bamford herself.

Also noted: Kindler was seen shamelessly committing an act of jaywalking in what is clearly becoming a high-crime block of Vermont Ave.

For photos of the event, head this way. If you stupidly missed last night and didn't get a free CD, head over to Maria's website and purchase one like a regular folk.

Video of the Moment: Jonah Ray's Freeloader's Guide To Easy Living - Brunch 

We don't know if it's because of the 70s electronica soundtrack, the abundance of over-enthusiastic thumbs-ups, or the actual existence of substantial advice, but we heartily loved the first episode of Jonah Ray's Freeloader's Guide to Easy Living over at Super Deluxe, during which Jonah told us how to wet our alcoholic whistle without spending a dime. And after watching the disturbing Lynchian promo, we couldn't wait for the second episode.

Well, the wait is over. This time, Jonah leads us through the necessary ritual after a long night of drinking: the hangover party brunch. You can view it below, or by following this here link.