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Chicken Scratch

Presumably named after each author's awful handwriting, this personal essay show seems to have evolved from one of our personal favorite websites, Mortified, which in turn seems to have evolved from PostSecret. Of course, evolution's just a theory. However, scientific fact states you can catch Chicken Scratch tonight!

Chicken Scratch

This month's essayists are Sean Casey, Kevin McShane, Judith Shelton, Carla Snowden, hosted as always by Ed Lee. 8pm tonight (11/21/08), iO West (6366 Hollywood Blvd) $10. We also highly recommend the entirely improvised musical immediately following the show.

If you're looking for something a little more jokey, we recommend Meltdown Comedy 12, featuring Blaine Capatch, Melinda Hill, Paul Danke, Matt McKenna, and Aaron Belz with host Jonah Ray. 830pm tonight at Meltdown Comics (7522 W Sunset Blvd). $0 (free!)

Happy freakin' weekend!

Sneak Peek - You're Welcome America

Sorry if you missed it, but apparently this week's Facebook show at UCB was pre-empted by Will Ferrell and friends. It's a stage play debuting in New York entitled "You're Welcome, America." Our source says it was "really funny" and "a bit too long," although if you're expecting an hour show about someone's Facebook profile and get a 2 hour table reading, it's going to seem long. Additionally, we heard that Will Ferrell, in character as George W. Bush, spat (spitted?) on someone. So far, we're intrigued. Since we're not really a NYC/Broadway blog, we'll leave the rest of the details up to Playbill.


Your Girlfriend Show of Shows!

Your Girlfriend We love Your Girlfriend, and frankly we'd see it just for the regular cast of characters but tonight is an extra special show. Direct from Marly Halpern-Graser:

Bigtime fun headliner musical/comedy guests = DONT STOP OR WE'LL DIE!!!!!!
Harris Wittels, Paul Rust, And Mike Cassady. spread the word, Paul's back from shooting the new Quentin Tarentino movie in Germany and ready to rock!

We're going to have them play four five songs as a mini reunion concert. Also the show will be hosted by Insult Comic Spider-Man and Sad Out of Shape Wolverine. So there's that.

As we've said before, the comedy/music hilarity of Your Girlfriend is not be missed. Check it out tonight at 10PM at the Art/Works Theatre in Hollywood (6569 Santa Monica Blvd). $5.


Horse Fight 5: This Time, It's Personal

Yeah this picture is awesome, but Horse Fight the comedy show is awesome... r. Does anyone still say awesome? Or did it jump the shark along with "gnarly" and "tubular" when they were levels in that secret star world of Super Mario World?

Horse Fight 5!

YEAH! HORSE FIGHT! Jason Nash, Morgan Murphy, Michelle Biloon, Matt Champagne, Mike Burns, Mike Bridenstine, Louis Katz, Hosted by Erik Charles Nielsen!!!!! At R Bar (3331 W. 8th St. ) at 930pm! Free show with the password (The password is "I like chemicals")!!!!!!!

Enough excitement. Here's a puppy.

A puppy.

We would be remiss to not remind you of the ongoing LA Comedy Festival. But Horse Fight is a damn good show filled with damn good folks and damn fine swearing. Damn.

No Regrets, Comedy Fests

We will not apologize for hyping up the ludicrous talent and incomparable venue that was Shmomedy at the Mint last night. In the words of host Josh Fadeem, "The Mint is where Comedy and Cool meet." It was a pretty sweet show, not to mention the jazz band following the comedy show was fresh. But enough Mint puns...

We're already in the LA Comedy Fest and no one is more excited than The Coming! No one, you hear?! The full schedule can be found at but TONIGHT features the hilarious Birthday Boys as well as our friend and ridiculous stand-up from Chicago Dan Telfer in addition to Kate Roxburgh (a feisty Londoner just coming down off a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival) and finally Shame is Right! All that hilarity for only $10 at the Art/Works Theater (6569 Santa Monica Blvd.) at 8pm tonight!

To whet your appetite, we'll leave you with a brief Birthday Boys video:
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