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Sunday Sunday Sunday Show!

Of course, every weekend brings the always incredible and mostly drunk Twelve Shiny Nickels Show, but it also brings a certain show on Sunday. Or, as monster truck announcers would call it, the SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY SHOW!

Sunday X 3 ShowWe've heard great things about this show and have been meaning to check it out. That, combined with the fact the Karl Hess (the host) is the man, Dan Bialek, Rebecca Addelman, Dan Dominguez, Randy Liedtke, John Vargas, and Chris Millhouse (this week's line-up) are all superfly, and with the killer description on their facebook site, we had to tell you to check it out. For those of you without Facebook, you can check their MySpace page, or just read the description below:

This is a stellar lineup of only the finest quality comedians. If these comedians were drugs in some sort of back-alley shady drug deal, when the guy slit open the bag with a switchblade and tested the goods, he would definitely go "It's pure." That's the kind of quality we're talking about here. Come watch.

Sunday Sunday Sunday Show, every Sunday (duh) at 9:30pm at 954 Gayley in Westwood, CA. Oh yeah, and it's free.

Make it rain, and don't worry about a thing.


We think the warnings speak for themselves: "Show contains graphic nudity and Guitar Hero." For slightly more info, Roommating is the epic tale of two roommates who met on Craigslist; as simple and hilarious as that. For the most part, this chuckle factory can be seen as a web series on their website on the internet. However, after a successful run at UCB, the live version is coming to Comedy Central Stage TONIGHT!!!

Roommating Show

It's free at 8pm tonight on the Comedy Central stage, but since it'll likely sell out, give a call to 323.960.5519 for reservations.

Laugh it up, and don't do drugs.

ioWest for Realz

O.K., this should be the last time we have to say this, but the official iO West Grand Reopening Extravaganza Blowout is tonight! Straight from the facebook event:

Folks are partying in the brand new bar. Shows are playing on both the Main Stage and on Andy Dick's Experimental Black Box. The iO WEST is back and action and you are welcome to come bask in its warm glow of rebirth!


8:00 PM - $10
* Chicken Scratch
9:00 PM - $10
* Opening Night: The Improvised Musical
10:00 PM - $10
* The Friday 40
11:00 PM - $5
* Roberto Alomar
* Bobby Hot Stuff


8:00 PM - FREE
* Hammerspace
* Nonomi
9:00 PM - FREE
* My First Time w/Cacky
* Riverboat Gamblers
10:00 PM - FREE
* Heather and Miles

See you there, and don't drink and drive SUVs.

Ralph Vincent is a Rockstar

He's also 33 today, if our math is correct. So how does a comedian living in LA celebrate? By "hanging with friends/telling jokes at Room 5 (143 N. LaBrea) tonight 8/14 at 8pm. Hope to see you there!"

Ralph Vincent

Room 5, jokes, and birthdays. Ballin'.

No News is Boring News

ioWest reopen pushed back, supposedly only until tomorrow Friday. Details at 11.

Wouldn't it be cool if we were a full time news channel who could actually bring you details at 11?

Stay cool, and don't rock the boat.