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Triclops, Meltdown, and Heroin

In no particular order, except the order in which we most want to see them, we've got three excellent shows going on tonight:

Triclops Triclops is a pantload of stand-up comedy. Tonight at 6pm at the Silverlake Lounge (2906 Sunset) begins the sign-up for the open-mic, then the open mic comics go from 6:30-8. After 8 are the "special guests" also known as "actual comics with talent not Bill from Accounting who got there early and stole your open mic spot." This week those "special guests" are our special friends T.J. Miller, Kyle Kinane, and Amber Tozer. The catches to such a hilarious night of uproarious comedy? It's 21-plus, but it's a free show. Also, it's a whole lot of sitting and watching comedy, but it's $2 beers from 5-8. Yeah, agreed, that is pretty awesome.

You could also check out a free, Asahi-sponsored killer stand-up line-up a little farther west. This little shindig known as Comedy Meltdown X is also tonight, featuring Maria Bamford, Ed Salazar, Vance Sanders, Tony Sam, Raj Desai, and hosted by Jonah Ray. Friendly reminder that parking may be a little difficult, especially on a Friday night that close to LC and Audrina (who knows what those crazy girls are going to be up to?!).
Comedy Meltdown

Your final option for sweet stand-up goodness is to head on over Santa Monica way and catch the Be-Bop Heroin Hour at the always delightful Westside Eclectic at 1030pm for $5. The line-up, per their facebook event:
Jackie Kashian (Comedy Central, Dork Forest)
Jason Nash (Guys with Feelings)
Renee Gauthier (Blerds, Second City)
Scott Boxenbaum (Laugh Factory, Ice House)
Cornell Reid (Everywhere Ever)
Alan Gordon (My freaking cousin)
and Chi Chi Lavie (jazz goddess)

Check out all three, or get sloppy drunk at any one. If you don't laugh your tuckus off tonight, don't blame us.

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