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Like Forty-Seven Orgasms

I only had a few seconds to wonder what "You Will Most Likely Die" would be like. As soon as the lights came up, the intimate venue of Zombie Joe's couldn't compete with the intimate lingerie that the men of Dynamite Kablammo sported during their opening sketch, raving about the forty-seven orgasms they just had. It was a promise that dynamite was going to be constantly put down our pants.

Dynamite Kablammo You Will Most Likey Die Show DetailsDynamite Kablammo has a tight group mind and physicality that is exhibited in a sketch where Matt DeNoto (whose day job may be as a Precious Moments figure), has his balls retract all the way to his brains. His balls are played by Dane Biren - with the looks of a quintessential 1950's sitcom son and Dana DeRuyck - a living Tinkerbell with a Rosalind Russell flair. The balls discover that they now control Matt's motor functions. It's a split screen scene that has the eyes darting back and forth from a flailing Matt back to a carefully incompetent Dana and Dane at the brain. All three deserve a victory quilt knitted for them.

The versatility the team shows with the space at Zombie Joe's shows in many of their sketches, notably their take on tech support and Odysseus vs. the Sirens. They are also unafraid to play in the dark – director Greg Kaczynski (who may be the lost Christopher Lloyd character) and newcomer Meredith Rensa (a comedic Clara Bow) with Matt performed a glow in the dark interpretation of what happens when sperm try to fertilize an egg.

The entire team ventures into Jay Ward territory with their take on bees and the spiders and wasps that conspire against them. With quick, clever site gags and wordplay, this sketch could have easily fit into the world of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

"You Will Most Likely Die" has a silly, frenetic pace that can only end one way – with all the dynamite that had been shoved down our pants going kablammo. Check it out Tuesdays at 8:30 pm at Zombie Joe's (4850 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood) for a mere $12.

--Neva Reese

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