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Overstock Comedy Showcase Sundays at the Playground Theater

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSundays at 9, the Playground Theater throws a variety show-type underground showcase mishmash of experimental stand-up and improv called Overstock.

It's fast-paced and fresh with lots of new material and frequent wild card guests including music acts, magic, and the occasional puppet or two. Yeah, you saw that right. "Puppet."

Frequently hosted by Second City performer and human comedic tornado TJ Miller or Lincoln Lodge fixture Jared Logan, it's a big hit with the college crowd and offers a cheapie discount ticket for actors and other industry folks. Show up and you might catch the Lanie & Emmy Show, or Boston faves The Ex-Patriots, who try out new stuff with their Second City mainstage performer cohort Brian Gallivan. Call 773-527-2963.


The Horror! The Horror! Bride of the Neo-Futurarium

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingIt's Thursday. You're not quite through the work week. Your desk is piled high with boring tedious junk you'd just as soon put through the shredder. You're looking for something wacky, spontaneous, and fun that will still let you get home at a decent hour.

So put on a fresh t-shirt and hop on down to the Neo-Futurarium, at 5153 N. Ashland (at Foster) at 8 PM for "Bride of the Neo-Futurarium," a staged reading of some of the most delightfully bad movies ever made. Brave performers will include Neo-Futurists, Schadenfreude, Dad’s Garage, and others. (Ohh..."others!" I hear they're amazing.) Oversized martini glasses filled with giant dice not included.


Triplette Performing at Comedy Benefit Tonight at Apollo Theater

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingTonight at 7 at the Apollo Theater, Triplette will perform a 35-minute sketch set in a comedy showcase to benefit the Chicago Abused Women Coalition. Bust a move to 2540 North Lincoln and spend $17 to laugh while making the world a better place. Call the box office at 773-935-6100 or click on over to Ticketmaster.

Other featured acts include Pimprov, Underage Sugar Addicts, Starknaked & Poised, Cupid Players, stand-up comic Tom Davis, Sketchcore, TomGirls, and Dirty Water.


Tonight at the Playground Theater

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingIt's Wednesday. It's cloudy. You need some fun. At 8 PM at the Playground Theater: Therosi of the Shaar, Chubby Butkins, Speed Lemon, and Feast of Pedro. At 10:30, the stage is set for Plan C. Hop on down to 3209 Halsted and soak it in.

Trivia fun - members of Feast of Pedro are from a wide assortment of day jobs, including "pilot/hotel manager, EPA scientist, English teacher, office manager, retired pool boy, award-winning cheerleader, aspiring maitre d', Hebrew teacher, and former popcorn store manager." If that doesn't spell "funny," then The Bastion don't know hoe to spel.


Please Stand-Up, Please Stand-Up

Hippy Sters
The Bastion triiiiied to see those boys over at the "Yacht Rock" screening last night in the fabled neighborhood known as Humboldt Park, but it couldn't quite make its way through the miles-long sea of moustaches, ironic tattoos, and thick-framed eyeglasses. We admitted defeat and hopped on two buses to double back for the regular shenanigans over at The Pants Off Party at the Mix (a.k.a. the biggest stand-up open mic in Chicago). It was here that we were corralled into an after-hours party at funny-gal Emily Dorezas' pad, and ran into Yacht Rock director JD Ryznar, fellow Channel 101 director Ryan Ridley, and John Roy home to visit, along with the usual after-hours suspects.

But now it's Tuesday and that means one thing: it's ChUC night. The Bastion will take a short interlude to stuff some envelopes in an office, then be out there tonight to see if runner Tony Sam is accurate with his description of the evening's planned festivities: "Five funny men and an abomination stand strong behind a woman of character and talent of which few are her equal. Be prepared to know the name and face of hilarity. Also be prepared with 5 dollars...and a towel...and fresh underwear, sumpin' great bound to happin'!" Think so? We do.

And this is your one-month-out alert: The Elevated is celebrating its TEN YEAR anniversary next month. It truly will be the party of the decade.
(Pic via Last Night's Party)