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Today in the Chicago Comedy Blogosphere

Apollo Studio Theater in ChicagoMike Stanley had a great time at his Lakeshore Theater stand-up album taping:

"The lights were so bright in the venue, so Joe and the crew could get crowd shots, I could literally see every single persons face. I remember at one point thinking "Oh sweet , There's Joe and Dean alright, There's Briggs and Frits Okay… There's Sturdy…There's Ape ,There's Chuck Roth…Holy Shit I can see every single person in the room right now…Don't bomb you sweaty headed tit!..."

and is still considering the album title possibilities:

"It will probably take a few months of post production before we see any solid results from the taping. I still need to name it. I'm thinking " the Stan in Black" or "Tid bits from a perv"."

Matt Braunger is settling into his new job in the cast of MADtv:

"I'm freaking out, man. Kind of. Gotta learn these lines, gotta try to act like the famous person I'm impersonating. There was a time a long time ago when I thought I was great at impressions. I also thought my English accent was great. I was also ten...So far so good at Mad TV. I've gotten two sketches into circulation and the stuff we've shot has been hilarious. It's a lot of work but definitely the most fun job I've ever had. Even more fun than when I used to rope clowns on the circus ranch. And that was amazing. Wild, free range clowns in all directions. The way they'd run when you'd come tearing out of the barn on horseback. Some of the full grown ones can somersault as fast as you or I can run. What an amazing summer."

Paul O'Toole has also been spending time in L.A., and his reward for landing his first showbiz writing gig? Surviving his first earthquake:

"I feel like a bona fide Angeleno. I survived an earthquake. When the building started shaking at 11:45 this morning, I was the first to jump up from the table and stand in the doorway. One of the other writers joined me quickly, but the rest of the room was too cool take precautionary measures. And yes, I was a little nervous when it hit. However, I’m a fan of the odds, and in the realm of catastrophe I rely on the odds to keep me calm. What are the odds the Big One hits while I’m in LA? Slim. What are the odds this particular quake even is the Big One? Also slim."

Team Submarine
wants to help their cousin put her new band together:

"Hey everyone - I’m posting this on behalf of my cousin Velour. She’s starting an all-girl punk band and is looking for members! They are called Savage Vag and they totally rock. You may have heard some of her previous bands, such as the popular mid-90’s all-girl ska band The Fallopian Tubas. And prior to that she played guitar in the folk duo Simon & Garfemale. There was also her experimental phase with Chumbawomba, but that’s all in the past. Now she’s turning over a new leaf with Savage Vag and is ready to rock. She just needs band members! SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!"

-Elizabeth McQuern

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