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Weekend Shows, Links, Etc.!

Goodness! Some crazy things happening this weekend, folks. First though, here are some fun links and mentions of a few of our friends:

Sean McCarthy scoops us yet again with this interview with John Mulaney (*shakes fist*).

McCarthy also spotted the Refugee Girls flyering outside of a NYC American Girl Store. The Refugee Girls Revue is currently being staged in NYC, following Jena Friedman's recent move.

As for shows, tonight at 9 p.m. is Fourth Fridays at Town Hall Pub, always a rollicking good time. As a special treat, this show will be followed by a dance party featuring Chromeo's latest album, "Fancy Footwork". YES!!!

Tonight is also the first night of a two-night stay for 5 Funny Females at the Lakeshore Theater. They've also asked "5 Funny Fags" to join them on this tour; for the Chicago dates they've scooped up our very own Bill Cruz.

Feel like really getting cozy at the Lakeshore tonight or tomorrow? Then prior to 5 Funny Females, check out the Comedians You Should Know, who are having their own show at the Lakeshore at 7:30 p.m.

Feel like going to a more intimate space tonight or tomorrow? Well, lucky for you, Ken Barnard is staging his one-man show again, this time at the Apollo Theater, 8 p.m. If you missed it the first time, do NOT miss it now!

Local rockers Lola Balatro will be celebrating their birthday tomorrow night at the Abbie Hoffman Died For Our Sins festival, and will rock out the Red Line Tap Sunday night. Get on it!

And finally (as if this weren't enough to choose from), tomorrow night, Aug. 23, at 8 p.m. the Lincoln Restaurant (4008 N. Lincoln Ave.) will host a blow-out goodbye show/benefit fundraiser for Angel Busque. Angel is best known in the stand-up comedy community as a "superfan", having been to countless stand-up shows and open mics over the last several years. After ten years of living in Chicago, she is moving back to Michigan because of health issues related to the autoimmune disease lupus. She wanted to celebrate her time and friends in Chicago with a giant send-off show, and she got it. Eleven performers (including a magician!), tons of great raffle swag, and a follow-up karaoke night at the Hidden Cove -- how better to say goodbye!? Our friend Ramsin Canon at Gapers Block wrote a nice little blurb about the show today, too. Click the link below for more details on the show. Disclosure: The author of this post lives with Angel, and helped produce this show. So there.

--Kristy Mangel


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