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Friday Free-For-All

Comedians! You are on notice. You need at least one hi-res photo of yourself performing. We were talking with someone at TimeOut Chicago who wanted to run hi-res photos of a local comic or two performing to accompany the story and the comics came up short. Result? No publicity. So get to it! Snap snap.

PhotobucketAre there a lot of comics doing comics these days, or is it just us? Mike Wiley has published a comic book (see pic at right), "Doofus 2 Death," and has been to a few Comic-Cons recently. You can read an interview with him about his stand-up comedy and his videogame interests on The Wiicast here.

James Asmus of Hey You Millionaires is still enjoying a "super nerd-boner" over getting a story bought by Marvel Comics.

Asmus told the Bastion: "A friend of mine is an editor for Marvel (Nick Lowe). He came to see the Hey You Millionaires show at NYC Sketchfest, and said he would be really interested in having me write something for them. He stressed that they would be very open to me writing something comedic, and he was currently looking for 8 page stories about peripheral X-Men characters. I went home the next day and popped an idea out. I had read a remarkably funny book Warren Ellis did for Marvel in 2005, called Nextwave. So I grabbed the character of Tabby Smith (aka Boom-Boom) whom I thought Ellis had recrafted in a voice I really wanted to write for. I wrote the script in a night, sent it in, and they bought it! Disturbingly simple. It's the first thing I ever scripted for comics, but they really liked it. It will appear in a mini-series called X-Men: Manifest Destiny. Last I heard, it'll be issue #2 or 3. No word yet on who the artist is going to be - but probably a no-name like myself. And I can't wait!"

Check out this new Breeders video by directors Steve Delahoyde and Bryan Bedell, D.P. Ryan Taylor, and featuring Paul Thomas, Justin Kaufmann, Denae Friedheim, and Joe Janes, currently featured on the front page of MySpace video:

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