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Ask For It By Name: Zach Woods for Starburst

I remember lunchroom arguments about which was better: Starburst or Mamba. The answer: Neither -- they're both good. Just like this ad featuring an Asian Scotsman and a zombie-fied Zach Woods (The Stepfathers, The Office). Hm. I just watched this ad again. I take it back. Starburst is better. If only because they pick ad agencies that know how to stretch concepts, but not just for the sake of stretching. Cases in point, these two separate ads featuring area comedians Matt Oberg and Rick Younger and Kristen Schaal from a while back.



Woods, Kemper on The Office

Ellie Kemper as Erin HallonZach Woods as Gabe Lewis

And just like that, during last night's episode of The Office ("Secretary's Day," Season 6, Episode 22), we watched Ellie Kemper and Zach Woods become bona fide comedy stars. In many ways, it felt like a coming out party in which both actors showcased for the rest of the world the same comedy chops we've been admiring on the improv stage these many years. So from here on out, we're fully expecting to one day be standing on a subway platform, listening to Cut Copy and seeing their friendly faces staring back at us from movie posters. If you haven't seen last night's Office episode, just watch it and you'll know what we mean.