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The Honey Shot

James Dwyer performs at The Broadway Comedy Club | Photo: Keith Huang

  • THE PLUG: Catch James and his classmates in 600: The Movie, an original improvised movie, happening TONIGHT @ 11PM (and every Tuesday in November) at The UCBT-NY | $5

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The Honey Shot

Mamrie Hart and Steve Soroka are BŌF | Photo: Keith Huang


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Joan Rivers Gave Me Her Jewelry!

Yesterday, my boyfriend Seth was running sound for an interview with comedy legend Joan Rivers (he's working with Break-Thru Films on a documentary called "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work").

Having watched me watch my fair share of QVC, Seth pointed out to Ms. Rivers that the necklace she was wearing in the interview was one that I had once expressed interest in. In response, Ms. Rivers quickly removed it from her neck and handed it him: "Give it to your girlfriend," she said. What a peach!

Naturally, I took the necklace out for a night on the town (meaning I slapped on some lipstick and danced around my apartment snapping pictures of myself). Everyone (in my head) kept complimenting me on it. It's my lucky charm. I can feel it rubbing off on me. In fact, my neck is pretty irritated this morning. Okay, off to the appraisers. "I'm no trashy poka' player, but I bet this thing is real rubies."

--Mamrie Hart


Buzzy Shore's MASTER CLASS IN COMEDY @ The UCBT-NY - 9.24.9

Photo: Keith HuangIn his one-man show, UCB improv- and sketch-comedy staple Gil Ozeri dons a schlubby jacket and tie and a worn-out Fedora to become hacky Catskills comedian Buzzy Shore, spoofing an instructional guide to breaking into comedy and Hollywood.


  • Somewhere, at some point in time, there was a comedy instructor who is (or was) as terrible as Buzzy Shore, and Ozeri seems to have channeled him in this show. From the outset, the caustic Shore informs his class (the audience): "This is going to be offensive, so let's get on board right now."
  • Shore seemed to treat his "pupils" as if they were people who had signed up for a 6-hour defensive driving course; if you want to get out your traffic ticket, you have to soak up Buzzy's wisdom for an hour.
  • Buzzy Shore hails Home Improvement's Tim Allen as the greatest comedian of all time. Such that he proclaims: "Unless you're Tim Allen, you're going to fucking fail!" Buzzy also keeps a framed photograph of Tim Allen on his desk.
  • The real gold gets mined when Buzzy Shore offers up physical examples of How to Be Funny: He plays a cigar-smoking baby who's getting his portrait taken, followed by an upper-crust, 5-year old who's trying to seduce his babysitter. But when he dims the living room lights he screams: "Too dark!" And Buzzy's seductive dance to "The Wheels on the Bus" pretty much have to be seen to be believed, just like his silent-film re-enactment of a Jew and a falcon.
  • Perhaps Buzzy's shiniest gem of wisdom of the night was this: "You can never be a sellout if you never had any integrity to begin with."

--Keith Huang / Binu Paulose

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