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Wave After Wave of Stinky Garbage Hurled at Todd Barry

The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival happened again and everyone had wonderful evenings full of LOLs. Except for Todd Barry. Who totally didn't! He had planned to make a surprise appearance at The Bell House late Sunday at Toddless Tinkle, which was named so because it's a revival of Todd's weekly show from the early 00's but Todd couldn't be there because he was opening for Superchunk across town.  As luck would have it, Mr. Barry rescheduled his scheduling conflict and decided to drop in after all. But he wasn't aware that host David Cross had ruined the surprise walk-on for the audience and urged the crowd before Todd showed up to please, "Boo Todd relentlessly. Throw shit at him. When Jon (Benjamin) and I tell you to stop, ignore us and boo louder."

And then everyone threw stuff at Todd! The boos were so loud, the soundwaves could've toppled nearby boaters in the Gowanus Canal. It would probably hurt my feelings if hundreds of people chanted horrible things and lobbed plastic beer cups at me and according to the comment thread at Brooklyn Vegan, it allegedly hurt Mr. Barry's feelings too. Todd left the stage all sad and went back to the Superchunk concert.

One Brooklyn Vegan commenter commented on the incident saying, "[Todd was] at the bell house for about 2 minutes. It was funny to see jon glaser force todd on stage but after he left, visibly upset, I felt a little bad and wished we had gotten to welcome him back appropriately. I recognize why david/jon wanted to berate todd for bailing on their old show for a concert, but kitson nailed it when the crowd just went along with the "popular" kids in the room. Eugene was also appalled at how disrespectful the crowd actually was to who he called, one of the greatest nyc comics."

To which Todd Barry replied:

Hi. It's Todd Barry. I didn't "bail" on David and Jon "for a concert." I was part of the concert. I opened for Superchunk at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. It was a paying gig, booked well before the Bell House show was offered. When David, Jon and I were doing our "old show" there were several instances that only two of us hosted, because someone (usually David) had a schedule conflict. The day of the Music Hall show, I thought it might be fun to try to run over to the Bell House and do a surprise walk-on, even though I had to rush back to the Music Hall (because Superchunk were gracious enough to let me play drums on their encore). So I scrambled to get a car service over to the Bell House, excited that I'd found away to do both shows. So you can imagine how I felt to walk on stage, only to be booed, and have GARBAGE thrown at me. And then when I had a human reaction to that (wanting to leave the stage) my path was blocked, so I could get more GARBAGE thrown at me. I can only imagine what David Cross' reaction would be if someone did this to him. It would probably involve a lot more than commenting on Brooklyn Vegan. Sorry I didn't get to hear Daniel Kitson's set.