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Whitest Kids' Timmy Williams: “I Want to be a Comedian-Farmer"

Timmy Williams, his wife, and chickens | The Oregonian

We learned recently that The Whitest Kids U' Know's Timmy Williams has said "No More!" to the bustle of New York. He's moved to Portland, Oregon to raise delicious chickens and live off the land. A revealing profile in The Oregonian tells all:

The newest urban farmer in Rose City is also a TV star. Williams, 28, is one-fifth of The Whitest Kids U’Know, a New York-based comedy troupe he joined as a college student in 2001.

The group is still together, and Williams will soon rejoin his mates to write and shoot their show’s fifth season. But he won’t be away for long: Portland’s relaxed pace, and the balance between funky oddities, cosmopolitan culture and the balm of nature, won him and his wife Kristin, 30, over for good.“We want to grow our own food, raise our own animals and make stuff on our own. We’ve already made our own cheese, our own pickles and pizza dough.”

Timmy Williams: Portland's Whitest Kid U'Know grows new career as urban farmer


The Honey Shot

Timmy Williams and John F. O'Donnell | Photo: Maryanne Ventrice

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