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First Impressions of The PIT's New Theater

Over the weekend, The People's Improv Theater formally moved to its new location on 24th Street between Park and Lexington. There is no "PIT East: The Beast," as was previously hinted at in a full page ad in The Onion. There is only one space because I hear that everything is out of the 29th Street location and Ali turned in the keys. (Good luck getting the security deposit back with that hole in the wall!)

I went up to the new space last night just to check it out and they happened to be holding their FIRST SHOW EVER on the new stage (What luck!!). It was a student graduation show (It could be worse!!).


--You will be blown away; the place is sick. You enter into a full bar detailed in black and red, complete with seating, tables, flatscreens and lacquered wood. It looks classy, like a nice place you would want to drink at anyways.

--The theater comfortably seats 100 or so which is almost twice as many as before.  Which translates to: you can get there a half hour early instead of an hour early to get a guaranteed seat for a Super Free Wednesday show.  

--My biggest issue with the old space was that it was difficult to slink into a performance late. Assuming you were allowed in late, you'd have to walk all the way to the stage and then up into a seat while disrupting everyone/ruining everyone's night. Here, you can sneak in and out, distantly from the stage in the cover of total darkness. I'm guessing you can also go out for a beer or a bathroom break without causing a ruckus--not sure if that will be encouraged though.

--Speaking of seats, the steep stadium seating is raked in a way that if you sit at the top, you might get a little extra show with your show: your sightline is right down the low cut blouses of busty improvisers! Creepy or awesome?

--BRING YOUR HANDICAPPED FRIENDS: Whether you're a comedy lover who's sprained an ankle or you're in a medically induced coma, you can easily wheel into the theater without climbing (and subsequently tumbling down) a flight of stairs.

--The theater is in a pleasing proximity to Shake Shack, a bunch of Indian buffets and the stomping grounds of the creature known as He-Man. These are all good things.

What do you think? What are your first impressions of the new space?


New Details on The PIT's Future Home

There are already ads running in the print version of The Onion touting The PIT's new/2nd home, but the venue isn't slated to open until sometime in January or so. Here's some info about the place:

The Peoples Improv Theater will be unveiling their new performing space in early 2011. The roughly 10,000 sqft space features a 99 seat theater, a 50 seat experimental performance space, a stand-up stage, a coffee shop and full service bar.

The PIT's new digs will offer an all encompassing home for performers to work on their craft and career as well as the opportunity to be a part of a vibrant community. The new space will allow The PIT to expand upon its current comedic offerings of improv and sketch comedy shows, stand up and storytelling performances and even mix in a variety of other comedic entertainment.


The Peoples Improv Theater

123 E. 24th Street (between Park and Lexington)

A private holiday party was hosted at The PIT East recently which gave PITizens a sneak peak of the good times ahead. One of the more notable differences: a Mustang Sally's-like watering hole in their own theater.  You can get drunk without ever leaving the lobby--hooray! It is unknown at this time whether you'll get a discount on domestic drafts if you tell the bartender you're from The PIT.