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Inside With: Tom Sibley, Proprietor of

By: Sara Laurence

Comedian Tom Sibley hosts a bi-monthly stand-up show at Legion in Williamsburg and maintains the increasingly popular and hilarious, albeit nausea-inducing blog, Subway Douchery, which captures everything you'd want to unlearn about our fellow straphangers in the subway. Between doing regular stand-up and acting gigs around town, Tom took some time to answer a few questions.

Tell us about yourself, how did you end up in New York City?

I moved to New York from Doylestown, Pennsylvania to go to an acting school called The Neighborhood Playhouse for two years, studying the Miesner Technique and convincing myself I was the next Sean Penn. I graduated and was not immediately famous which was disheartening. Over a year out of school, I was a moderately successful cater waiter and I finally got the guts to do stand up after a couple friends of mine started doing it. I always loved and wanted to do stand up but just didn't think it applied to regular civilians... and so my career began doing stand up above a Greek restaurant in Queens, bombs away!

You now host a show at Legion in Williamsburg, what do you look for in a comedian before you'll book them on the show?

I produce The MacGyver Show with comics Danny Solomon and Robert Dean. Honestly, we are just looking for funny people. Well-loved faces to comics making their way up, as long as they are funny and want to have a good time, will have a warm spot on The MacGyver Show. That being said, a big name that gets bums in seats never hurts. We had Colin Quinn on the show and the place was packed with a great audience which always makes for a magical evening.

With your blog, Subway Douchery, you are the Internet's preeminent force in exposing inconsiderate grossness underground. And you’re getting some decent press. Have you ever gotten any feedback from the people photographed?

I've never had any feedback directly from a person pictured which is a blessing. I did have a reporter from the Daily News tell me she wouldn't be surprised if someone recognized themselves in a picture and then hunt and murder me. I hoped was kidding but she was dead serious. I didn't sleep well that night. The site has been featured in the New York Post, NBC New York, Comedy Central and a few other places. Which is both amazing and wildly unexpected for something this ridiculous.

Most of the feedback has been really positive. Except for a post I did about a woman openly breast feeding a rather large child on the subway. I wasn't aware that breast feeding was such a hot button issue and it got quite a few people fired up. I received many emails from feminist groups telling me I was setting "the movement" back twenty years. I will go on record as saying I have nothing against breast feeding (or sleeping naked, or strength training with resistance bands, all of which have been featured on the site) ... but doing these activities on the subway does seem a bit inappropriate.

Some of this stuff is pretty gross, are you censoring what we’re seeing?

I always censor people's identities by blurring their faces. Not for legal reasons, it just looks funny. I receive many pictures of bodily fluids and solids. Not even a person actively producing them, just a snap shot of the finished product. I'll get an extensive pictorial of a puddle of vomit and the person will write, "I saw this and immediately thought of you... enjoy!"  I'm happy they thought of me.

If someone took an unsuspecting photo of you while you were riding the subway, what would you be doing?

I'd probably be doing any number of things I've pictured on the site. But if I do get a picture of me being a jerk, I will post it that day and it will be the final post of Subway Douchery. So I hope to be naked, bucket drumming, and breast feeding in a vigorous blaze of glory!

Anything Else? Summer plans? Plugs?

A company is working on an iPhone app for Subway Douchery which might be out this summer. I shot a feature for AOL's TV Squad where I crashed a fancy television network party and proceeded to get into a wrestling match with Mike The Miz. Comedian Ryan Mckee and I are hoping to make it into a regular web series. Also, The MacGyver show the first and fourth Tuesday of every month at Legion Bar in Williamsburg! Perhaps, the greatest show ever!