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This Thing Or That Thing: The Double Down or The Platano Loco?

There's been a lot of talk today about The Double Down - we get it, KFC! A stack of food-product that's designed for our busy alternative lifestyles, FINALLY. Buns--who has the time or energy?? The Double Down seems like something we'd like to eat for 4th meal even though Oprah didn't give us coupons and we'd have to sit in that potentially hazardous, rolling Smoke Monster-like mist of grease that's barely contained by KFC's doors in order to ingest one. With that said, have you heard of this CRAZY other option: The Platano Loco?

It's the same thing, sort of, but with mashed banana patties instead of chicken cutlets--and it comes with vegetables that you can eat OR THROW AWAY. You can even get it with pernil!! (What is pernil?) It's sold exclusively at some random ass Mexican or possibly Ecuadorian pizzeria in Brooklyn that we walk by sometimes.

So... which would you rather? This thing or that thing??