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Third Issue of The Devastator Hits Shelves and Storefronts

The self-described "quarterly comedy magazine for humans" known as The Devastator released its 3rd issue this week. It features many essential stories about cats and a cover drawn by Conan O'Brien's famed graphics guy, Pierre BernardHere's a preview.


Inside With: Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden, Editors of The Devastator

After reading about The Devastator, a potentially sweet new satire publication that's panhandling for loose change on Kickstarter, we pledged a couple of bones and then prodded its editors for some inside details.

Who are you guys and what is your deal?

Geoffrey: I'm Geoffrey Golden, a comedy writer and editor in Los Angeles.  I've written for Cracked, National Lampoon, MadAtoms, and a number of big time Hollywood movie factories. 

Amanda: And I'm Amanda Meadows, a writer and editor also in Los Angeles. I've worked with CollegeHumor, McSweeney's, and, with a little ghost writing mixed in. I currently work for a publisher, but I realized in order to make a book our way we had to go rogue.

So what is The Devastator all about?

Geoffrey: The Devastator is a quarterly book of comics and satire.  We're all about making fun of pop culture, and taking ourselves very seriously. 

Amanda: Each book is 48-pages, full color, and explores a new topic. Our first book tours the seedy underbelly of the cartoon world.

How'd you get James Urbaniak and some of these other contributors involved?

Geoffrey: I produced a web series pilot that James starred in, which is making its way around "the town."  He loves classic print comedy, like old school Mad Magazine and National Lampoon, so James was excited to be involved.

Amanda: We were huge fans of  R. Sikoryak's parody work, and interviewed him last year when Masterpiece Comics came out. Later, we realized Bob knew James Urbaniak and our screenwriter friend Todd Alcott, who did a hilarious piece on Walt Disney for us. So it seemed natural to invite Sikoryak to contribute. I've known David Malki ! since the early days when we were handing out Wondermark postcards to bewildered strangers at Comic Con. Given how busy he is now, we were psyched that he could do a new piece just for The Devastator.

Do you have any experience doing this sort of thing? How much does it cost to print an issue?
Geoffrey:  Lots.  Amanda works full-time in publishing.  We were also both school paper geeks in high school and we have a lot of combined professional experience in comedy editorial.  As far as the cost, we're raising $4500 to print the book and send our 20+ contributors small, appreciatory checks.

Where will it be distributed?

Amanda: The Devastator will be available for download on iPad, Brain-o-Vision, and normal computing machines next month. In June, some of our favorite Los Angeles and NYC independent booksellers and comic book stores will carry the book.

It's kind of scary how if you don't reach your funding goal at Kickstarter, you lose all that money and your dreams are totally shattered FOREVER.  Do you have a well-heeled benefactor on call, ready to pledge at the last minute of the last day?

Geoffrey: Nope!  There's no Uncle Scrooge on speed dial, unfortunately.  (Besides, he's notoriously stingy, except when it comes to buying adventure-tech.)  We're relying on the interest of backers to shatter-proof our dreams.  They will be rewarded handsomely for their support, with goodies like t-shirts, books, signed posters and original artwork!