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The Apiary: Celebrating 5 Years of Celebrating

Our story began with a computer and a dream. In May of 2005, we typed:

The Apiary Launches NOW!
There's a lot of comedy in NYC. So much so, that a site dedicated to documenting the city's comedic landscape is launching right now. Ka-boom! Liftoff!
The Apiary recognizes that in this town, shows and events by brilliant comedians tend to go overlooked by the masses. Everyone wants to talk about the next hot band, the new art opening, or the blah blah blah pulitzer prize winning author. Well, we don't! We want to talk about the funny people that populate New York and the funny things they do.
The Apiary is the place to bee!

And here we are 5 years later, writing more STUFF about THINGS we like. Somehow we managed to outlive Michael Jackson AND Ricardo Montalban. And you did too! We've been doing this so long, our friends don't ask us "How's the site?" anymore because they just assumed we stopped doing it a half of a decade ago. 

Thanks for reading and please keep doing so!