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A Day in the Life of The Conan Blimp as Told By Feeble Cell Phone Photos

The Conan Blimp is the ultimate new media marketing machine; when you spot this bright orange airship roving silently through the sky, you're immediately compelled to update your status or tell someone--it engages and excites people both offline and online.  HOWEVER, its majesty is best experienced in real life though and not through the photos you'll see here.  Let's go on a journey with it anyways, shall we?

Before coming to New York City, the blimp stopped at a New Jersey strip mall to return some jeans. | @msmandee

"Give me your tired, your poor, your blimps." -- Inscription on Statue of Liberty | @reidrolls

The blimp then crashed (briefly) into the Verrazano Bridge before continuing about its business. | @freelovefreeway

Later in the day, it spied on sexy co-eds at Pratt University | @sharkblotter

And then it helped the Yankees win by distracting the Twins during key plays. | @katiedonleyAnd in a flash, it disappeared into the sky! The Weekly World News has launched a full investigation. | @syringa515 from the top of the Empire State Building