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"Jay Leno Ripped Me Off!"

Rich Juzwiak wrote today about the time someone from Team Leno emailed him. He said:

Sean O'Rourke, a research coordinator for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno reached out to me for permission to show my Taylor Swift Is Surprised video during an upcoming sit-down interview with the pop star. "Duh! Squee! Duuuuuh!" I said (not really, but I did go, "HA!" in a quiet gym locker room when I initially read it off my Blackberry). Sean assured me I and/or my blog would get credit. Duh squared, that wasn't even a concern. How silly I become when I'm excited! In my response, I stressed how important it was for my friend Kate Spencer (who came up with the idea for the video in the first place) to be credited, too. Kate and me/fourfour and The Fab Life/both attributions -- however they wanted to do it, I asked that they somehow mention us both. Sean warned me that he couldn't promise any specific mention from Jay, but at the very least, our names would appear in the show's credits -- at least our names would be down somewhere. Great!

You're probably thinking, "Why is this post called Jay Leno Ripped Me Off!? I've only read one paragraph, but it sounds to me like everything will turn out good for everybody." In a shocking twist, it doesn't! Mean Jay Leno tricked us once again!