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Boycrazy Bieberserker Bellows, 'Um, Hello! Where Are My FREE SNL Tickets?!'

Justin Bieber and Kenan Thompson backstage at SNL | Pic via @justinbieberIn case you were wondering how Justin Bieber got on SNL, there wasn't a ravenous sharkpool of agents and lawyers and promoters and hairstylists shoving him from one car to the next, it was pretty much single-handedly the incessant twittering of @bieberonSNL that landed him on the show, claims @bieberonSNL, a teenage girl named Alex Buchinski. Once it was announced that her dream of making someone who's famous even more famous had been realized, there was just one little problem: No one invited her to Justin Bieber's SNL tapings! Et tu, Bieber??  Feeling cast aside like a bag of Taco Bell litter along the road to fame, Alex was sad, demoralized, and had nowhere to turn but Twitter.

She moped around all Saturday evening:

"no i'm not going to SNL alot of people are asking me and I'm sick of saying I'm not going becuase it really brings me down."

Then, she was dealt an earth-shattering blow:


So she got all up in Bieberarmy's face, in a passive aggressive kind of way:

"RT @TheMrsJBieber: Even though we all know @BieberOnSNL deserves to be at SNL more than BieberArmy, lets make #BieberOnSNL trend"

Turned out to be a rumor so she calmed down. But her fate began to sink in, would she end up watching SNL like a normal person who barely knows what a Justin Bieber is--someone who did nothing to make him a superstar??:

"I honestly think I should be at SNL.. like idk I just think that I did Sooo much"

She watched SNL and enjoyed it, begrudgingly. As bedtime approached, she realized that her precious blessings (bah!) would have to suffice:

"it's ok.. my tome will come and if it doesn't it's ok.. people have it SOOO much more worse.. I'm sorry. good night. I love u guys thanks(:"

Now that her single-purpose Twitter handle has been made irrelevant, could there be any upside to this horribly depressing tragedy of teen fanaticism? There actually was! She was invited to New York City by JB's people on Sunday for a private concert exclusively for Bieberserkers.


  • Will crying get you everywhere??
  • If so, where are OUR SNL TICKETS??  Waaaaah!!


'Pageant Talk' SNL Sketch

In case you missed it: Here's a ridiculously funny sketch from the most recent SNL (with host Zach Galifianakis).

The Honey Shot

Jason Sudeikis and The Rock | Photo: Some Poet

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Help Seth Myers Fight Cancer!

Seth Myers hosting The Webby Awards | Photo: The Webby Awards

Weekend Update's Seth Myers just announced he's raising moolah to fight cancer on behalf of Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. As a member of "Wheelin' for Healin'," Myers and his crew will each spend 50 minutes riding a stationary bicycle for a complete 4-hour shift. They have nearly reached their $5,000 goal, so chip in!


Jenny Slate: Dead Millionaire @ The UCBT - 5.7.9

Image Hosted by When an eccentric broad dies and leaves her 300MM dollar fortune to a Bichon Frise, a colorful cast of characters shows up at the funeral to find out who will inherit the pooch in Dead Millionaire, a new one woman show by Jenny Slate, playing on select Thursdays in May at The UCBT. NOTES --Snappy, stylized transitional video accompaniments give Jenny time to show off her wit and make costume changes into silly characters such as singer-songwriter Gloria Estefan, Jenny's niece (pictured above), and a seemingly tame dame with a tight perm and a hidden wild side, Ruth Diamond Phillips. --A climactic performance from a real live Bichon Frise elicited both groans and giggles. The dog appeared to be well-trained in both comedy and the acting methods made popular by Constantin Stanislavski. It truly acted like a dog being unwittingly embarrassed in front of a strange crowd of gawkers--so real! --With exceptional young ladies like Slate and Violet Krumbein rocking terrific character showcases as of late, it seems such performances can conveniently function as live audition tapes for area casting directors on the hunt for funny females. It'll be interesting to see what opportunities line up for them. --DEAD MILLIONAIRES EVERYWHERE: Jenny's performance just happens to coincide with another dead millionaire extravaganza in town: the sensational fraud trial over Brooke Astor's megabucks. The main difference between the two shows is that Astor's beloved dachshunds, Boysie and Girlsie, aren't getting any stage time in theirs. Image Hosted by

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Inside With: Mike Drucker, SNL Contributor - By: Chelsea White

Image Hosted by "I'm in the center of the nerd / sad / fat Venn Diagram for Update photos. Which is actually sort of neat" --Mike Drucker | Photo: Mike Drucker A frequent contributor to online-comedic staples The Huffington Post, McSweeney's, and The Onion, comedian and writer Mike Drucker saw one of his jokes make the nearly impossible leap from notebook to the Weekend Update news desk on the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live (Ep. #1548, Season 34). A former SNL intern, Drucker has worked as the show's Graphics Coordinator since 2008. He was also the winner of Disney's 2007 "So You Think You're Funny" stand-up competition and was nominated for Time Out New York's 2008 Joke of the Year. The Apiary got Drucker to put his pen down for a hot minute to let us in on what it's like to see his writing on an SNL cue card. So, Funny Man, give us the joke that made the cut! The joke was: "An investment bank is auctioning off more than 15,000 videotaped episodes of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's iconic talk show 'The PTL Club.' Here's how the auction went: 'Do I hear nothing? Nothing? Nothing! Going once! Going twice! Sold! To nobody because no one would want that." Seth delivered it really well.

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