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News of the World

--Earlier this week, Jon Glaser showed us how to feel comfortable in a ski mask during the summer. Tonight he'll be showing us how to feel comfortable inside another person's body -- he's hosting a preview screening at The UCBT of The Virginity Hit, a film produced by Funny or Die that comes out September 10th.

--The bell tolled for Sara Schaefer's weekly Bell House comedy show Get Off Your Knees. The venue reportedly no longer wanted to host stuff in the front of the space and last night was the final installment (pending relocation).

--The Awl is prepping to launch a comedy site soon called Splitsider; it's helmed by Adam Frucci, a former writer for Gizmodo and current UCB house team member.

--Does anyone remember The Norm Show? The preservationists at Shout Factory did and they're bringing the complete 3-season series to DVD next week.

--Snakes, the rap duo comprised of Billy Scafuri and Adam Lustick, are releasing their second CD next week and its called The Network Takeover. Here are some tracks.

Snakes - I Got a Dollar

Snakes - Where in the World is Snakes

--AND FINALLY:  In a matter that's as concerning as when 4-year old Shiloh Jolie Pitt turned to her parents and said, "I want to live and dress like a big burly man!" it's looking like Matt McCarthy's puppy is also refusing to follow the path laid out for it--the darn dog is camera shy!




Snakes Drop 'Not Ready to Die'

Billy and Adam are 'Snakes' | Album artwork: Tim Bierbaum

Somehow "comedy rap duo" doesn't quite fit for funny boys Adam Lustick & Billy Scafuri, aka "Snakes." Billy and Adam, who also perform weekly with Harvard Sailing Team, have been good pals for years and their flow definitely shows it. But more importantly, these two white boys share a deep-rooted respect for (and knowledge of) rap and hip-hop. They've got that love of the genre that has significantly altered their DNA. For several months, Snakes have been holding down some of those gritty, Saturady @midnight slots at UCB-NY. And during the recent New York Comedy Festival, Time Out gave 'em the hot nod most comedy-types dream about. Full disclosure, Billy and Adam are my boys -- and Billy is part of Team Librarianist here at The Apiary -- but give their mp3s a spin o' the thumb, and you'll hear that praise earned. Handily.