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The Pee Wee Herman Show Silly Bandz

The coolest kids at the elitest elementary schools in Manhattan will be seen sporting these Pee Wee Herman Show glow-in-the-dark silly bandz today. I'm sure there will be a big piece about it in Sunday Styles this weekend.

The Pee Wee Herman Show opened for previews last night on Broadway and the merch booth inside The Sondheim Theater was selling these for $10 bucks a pack. Which comes out to about 83 cents each. (Editors Note: If you use Silly Bandz for functional purposes i.e. holding bundles of documents together, there are less costly alternatives.)


Pre-Production / Post-Production: Silly Bandz by UCB Comedy


On August 31st, UCB Comedy producers pounded the streets of Craigslist in search of rising talent:


UCB Comedy is casting two 7-11 year old children for a comedy parody commercial about Silly Bandz.

We are shooting tomorrow from 4:30-6:30PM in Chelsea at the Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center.

Please send headshots ASAP.

Check out our recent videos here:

About UCB Comedy: Upright Citizens Brigade (Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh) spread of their unique brand of no-holds barred comedy to audiences across the country through UCBcomedy is the virtual home of all things comedy from improv, sketch and standup to pranks, jokes, podcasts, f'ed up and illegal videos and much more from the performers, teachers, students and friends who have made the Upright Citizens Brigade the leading brand of comedy in the country.

You'd think most kids that age spend their time on Craigslist spewing racist vitriol in the Rants and Raves section, but sure enough, several job-seeking youngsters saw the opportunity (presumably on their Blackberries) and responded. See what happened!


Silly Bandz - ROUNDZYZ!
Watch more comedy videos from the twisted minds of the UCB Theatre at