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Sean Taylor Celebrates 31 Days of Pizza

Sean Taylor presents Pauly Gee with a 2009 Slicey Award | Photo: Keith Huang

In the Kingdom of New York Improv, Sean Taylor is the Viceroy of Pizza. If you know Sean Taylor (Filth, Junior Varsity, Variety Underground), you know he loves him some pizza, and for the past seven years, he has spent the month of October eating a slice every single day. Moreover, the old school improviser and comedy luminary conscripts friends, colleagues and strangers from all points to join him in his eating.

Sean and Best in Show Winner Shawn Amaro | Photo: Keith HuangTwo years ago, I met Taylor by signing up to break pizza bread with him. I largely only knew him from watching him perform and from following his blog. And what a blog it is. At the end of pizza month, Taylor hosts an awards ceremony to announce the best of the best, as well as showcase video reviews edited by Pizza Month participants.

Taylor is what I like to call a "do-er." He finds stuff he wants to do, and he does it -- that's it. He is also a connector. Pick through the 31 most recent Pizza review clips, and I guarantee you'll either spot someone you know or someone you've seen on a comedy stage. Naturally, Taylor is working on book about pizza, which he says, "will give readers a front row view of New York through his pizza-colored glasses." But in the meantime, if you want to learn about the best pizza in the five boroughs, here are this year's winning picks:

BEST NEW DISCOVERY - Motorino (review)
BEST TASTING SLICE - Roberta's (review)
BEST PIZZA DAY - Paulie Gee's (review)
BEST IN SHOW - Roberta's Unearthed by Shawn Amaro