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Mary Scruggs, Dead at 46

Photo via Live Bait Theater

Via The Chicago Tribune:

Mary Scruggs, the head of writing and education programs for The Second City Training Center, died at her home late Tuesday night, said Kelly Leonard, the executive vice president of Second City. She was 46. "She was a wonderful writer and a terrific performer," said Anne Libera, Second City's director of comedy studies and Scruggs' close friend. "But in her heart she was simply an astonishing teacher. There were so many students to whom she gave her best."


"I am heartbroken by this. I have so many teachers who are responsible for my career, but Mary was responsible for not only breathing life into my career but also breathing life into my life." -- Mandy Stadtmiller

"She was the best of everything that is good." -- Susan Messing

"Mary was funny, brilliant and beloved. She will be greatly missed." -- Second City



Greg Giraldo, Dead at 44

TMZ is reporting that Greg Giraldo has died due to complications stemming from an accidental prescription drug overdose last week. The news was also confirmed by Jim Norton.


“Our buddy Giraldo left us today. Please say a prayer for him and his family.” -- Nick DiPaolo

"Greg Giraldo passed away today. This is the last photo of us together, taken June 28 at Noam's wedding. RIP buddy. "-- Jim Norton

"RIP Greg Giraldo. So fucking sad. Can't believe it."-- Morgan Murphy

"Fuck. Greg Giraldo died. Hung out with him several times. Amazingly funny and kind. Never saw him clean shaven. RIP" -- Michael Ian Black

"It's not fair when something so awful befalls someone so smart and funny. RIP Greg Giraldo. You made me laugh." --Todd Levin

"Really, Universe? Greg Giraldo? Fuck off." -- Patton Oswalt