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Ask For It By Name: John Swist for JetBlue

John Swist | Photo courtesy of JetBlue

"When people come into an improv class, they're reminded of what recess is like. That feeling of running with reckless abandon, only we don't do that physically. We do that here, with our imaginations."

I know John Swist as a regular denizen of New York's improv ghetto: I've seen him roll up on his bike to catch Super Free Wednesday, have spotted him in the standby line on 28th Street and seen him work out his improv muscles in the Drop-In classes at The Magnet and Simple Studios. At heart, he's just another improv geek. But what's more is that he has been studying and teaching improv for well over two decades. And like all the best improvisers, he'll readily admit that he's still learning. Just watch this JetBlue advertisement, in which he succinctly describes improv and its enduring appeal. --Keith Huang