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News of the World

--Reading THIS BLOG will get you on The Daily Show.

--Would you like to spend next Mothers' Day in the wilderness with Andrew WK, Marc Maron, and possibly deer ticks? Registration for The Sound of Young America's MaxFunCon is now open. FTD your mom flowers before you go.

--The first ever New York Musical Improv Festival takes place November 6th - 7th at the Magnet Theater. When it's good, it's like magic.

--Speaking of fests, did you notice that ZERO WOMEN are headlining the NY Comedy Festival?

--We caught Ryan Karels' one-man show at the UCBT last week. Not to spoil anything but HE SWAPS GREASE WITH A BICYCLE at the end of it.

--Big Black Car's Matt Oberg hosting yet another Downtown Superstar Ten-Minute Hour. The Rumours are true: Fleetwood Snack will be playing.

--The Madea-like lady in this ONN video is hilarious.

--Somebody call 911, Comedy Central let Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant slip away. NBC scooped them up for a new series. Which makes us wonder... will it replace Community or The Jay Leno Show?

--MovieFill cobbled together a handy chart of SNL's top grossing alumni. At the top of the leaderboard: Eddie Murphy with 8 BILLION DOLLARS.

--POLL: Which neighborhood has more funny people per capita: Astoria, Queens, or Park Slope, Brooklyn? And are there similar comedian armpits across the country?