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Who Are the Traitorous Consulting Writers Behind These Next Media Animation Videos?

Like many people, I've chalked up the outrageous humor in these Taiwanese Next Media Animation videos simply to foreigners being wacky. But with their latest vid featuring an Obama/President Hu rap battle, NMA has tipped their hand too far. There's no doubt now that American comedy writers are in bed with this organization.

Who's really responsible for this stuff? Who sold out the secrets of our zeitgeist for a handful of yuan? The animation looks a lot like Xavier: Renegade Angel and the sophisticated humor is quite similar too. Could PFFR be writing for NMA? Or is it someone from the South Park camp?

In an interview with NMA's content and business developer, Michael Logan, the guy says, "The people who work for Next Media are some of the brightest and most talented in our industry." I believe he misspoke, he meant to say, "the brightest and most talented traitors in our industry."

Let's flush these (orange flavored) chickens out!