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I can't stand roundtable discussions. Of any kind. But here is the effervescently brilliant Newsmasters, credited to Meetinghouse Productions, which also produces "The Smoking Gun Presents" among other notable projects. According to the YouTube timestamps, these clips have been around since May, yet the hit counts are pretty low. Maybe that's because at first glance, these White-Dudes-in-Suits-style pundits look boring as Hell. But give em a minute and you'll spot real-life comedy-writer gods at work: Jim Downey (Late Night with David Letterman, SNL), Ted Jessup (ABC News, Comedy Central, The Al Franken Show), Steve Higgins (SNL, The Jon Stewart Show), Billy Kimball (The Simpsons, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, Not Necessarily the News), Chelsea Peretti (Variety SHAC, The Smoking Gun), as well as Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute. How these things suddenly appear online, and why they refer to each other with fake names, is beyond me. But funny is funny. And the presumably improvised banter is priceless. --K.H.