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In Which Eliot Glazer Gets a Book Deal

Wonder-Sibling Powers -- Activate! Ilana and Eliot Glazer | Photo: Keith HuangNOT TO GET ALL JEWISH MOTHER-y HERE, but Eliot, Bubbulah ... we have to find out from the Internet that you got a book deal? You can't call us? Write us? What's that -- Tweet us? No, it's fine. we'll just sit here. Alone. In the dark.*

From Media Bistro:

Blogger Eliot Glazer has landed a book deal with Ryan Doherty at Villard Trade Paperback. Entitled "My Parents Were Awesome," the new anthology will feature funny stories and pictures of young parents. Glazer curates the Tumblr blog, My Parents Were Awesome. .... The deal was negotiated by Hannah Brown Gordon at Foundry Literary + Media.

Congrats, Eliot. We couldn't be more proud. We also love the fact that Doherty also is the editor of The Pickup Artist book.

*Punchline for: How many Jewish mothers does it take to change a lightbulb?