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Look Who's On the Wall of Celebrity Patrons at Goodburger

I was eating at Goodburger in Union Square today and look who I found staring down at me from their wall of BOLD NAME burgermeisters...

Maury Povich!

THE Billy Elliot!

And Matt McCarthy holding a sack of Doritos!

How does the celebrity patron wall thing work exactly? Was Matt carrying the headshot when he ate that day? OR does the back office of Goodburger have a printout of every celebrity JUST IN CASE they stop in? Do you think Matt received a Goodburger VIP Card for this endorsement and abuses the shit out of it just like Lindsay Lohan did with Carvel?


Jon Friedman Clinches World Record For Shortest Talk Show

While most of us were at home preparing crudité platters to wow our friends at Memorial Day barbecues, Jon Friedman was busy staging the Shortest Talk Show in the History of the Universe. He successfully obtained the record at last week's World Record Appreciation Society live event.

They said it couldn't be done, but he did it.


News of the World

--The Tribeca Film Festival begins next week and the best part is you can enjoy all the fest's glamour and razzle dazzle without leaving your flip n' fuck.  The TFF is streaming some of its films online; smart idea!  A couple of movies on the schedule have caught our eye: Beware The Gonzo with James Urbaniak and Amy Sedaris, Saturday Night, an SNL doc directed by James Franco, The Trotsky with Jay Baruchel, and a quirky Irish offering called Zonad:

--Since we're one of the 800,000 households who've cut the cable cord, we've been missing Nick Stevens and Matt McCarthy's banter in AMC's Action Pack interstitials. Have these been around for a while?

--There's a Penelope Princess of Pets viewing party at Union Pool slated for Monday night, April 26th. Mark it.

--The Whitest Kids U Know Season 4, which was pushed back from a January release to June 2010, is under production still; shooting continues in New York soon.

--In NVW yesterday, we featured Tesla's new episodic documentary that hopes to showcase various scenesters in the NYC indie improv world. We asked series creator Justin Noble what the plan is and he said,  "It's filmed at Tesla's monthly show, and it introduces improv teams through onstage highlights and backstage interviews. Our April show was last weekend and a ridiculous crowd turned out--about 120 in total.  For the 2nd video, we'll be focusing on the ladies of M.A.D. and a new team of smart younger kids called Malibu Radley."


CD Release Mania: Matt McCarthy, Myq Kaplan, and Reggie Watts

Is your stand-up CD coming out soon? It's very possible! There are at least 3 albums prepped to drop in the next few weeks--2 of which appear to be produced by Comix's record label, Live at Comix.

Matt McCarthy - Come Clean | April 15th

Myq Kaplan - Vegan Mind Meld | April 27th

Reggie Watts - Why $#!+ So Crazy? | May 18th   



  • Which ones do you plan on buying??
  • If you could win one here, which would it be??
  • Would it kill us to post some sample tracks??
  • How many sales does it take to break even??
  • Is comedy CD development a profitable or lucrative enterprise??