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4 Things Marina Abramovic Should Be Watching To Make Herself Useful

Photo: Hayes Peter Mauro You're probably familiar with Marina Abramovic, a zany artist who's been sitting around the MOMA day in and day out, staring at people. Not only is it rude to stare, but her penetrating gaze is so uncomfortable, it's brought adults to the brink of mental collapse. Who is this lady of leisure? I wish I had the luxury of sittin' in my bathrobe doing nothing all the time.  Since she's so good at watching stuff, here are 4 things Marina Abramovic should be watching to make herself useful.

1. My Laundry!

Just once--just once!--I'd like to not have my designer jeans stolen from the laundromat when I throw them in the dryer and go shopping for the rest of the day.

2. My Kids While I Step Out For a Pack of Smokes!

These kids are driving me crazy! It'd be really great if Marina could watch them until they're of legal age while I step out for some Newports.

3. My DVR programs!

How will I ever get through all these episodes??

4. This Round of Erotic Photo Hunt!

C'mon c'mon c'mon! Time is running out--we just need five more!!! Where are they??  Marina!! Somebody help us out.