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Portrait of a Comedian: Featuring Hari Kondabolu and Ali Wong

Ali Wong (Photo: John C. Liau) & Hari Kondabolu (Photo: Elizabeth Griffin)A new episode of Portrait of a Comedian, a bi-weekly show on Breakthru Radio that features some of the best rising comedians in New York City, is available.

This edition features New York native, Hari Kondabolu, and a recent arrival from the West Coast, Ali Wong. Tune in to hear Hari talk about the power of Vitamin Water, Chinese factory workers, and his list of everyone who will die in the Revolution. You'll also hear Ali discuss such topics as why grown women should not date skaters, her father's habit of relieving himself in public, and the dangers of being Asian while playing a Vietnam Vet in paintball.


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1. Open iTunes
2. In the top menu, click "Advanced"
3. Select "Subscribe to Podcast"
4. Copy and paste this address: into the pop-up window
5. In your "Podcasts" page, to the left side of the podcast title, click the little arrow to expand the contents.
6. Then click the "Get All" button to download every episode.  Enjoy!