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INSIDE WITH: Laura Grey and Jordan Klepper

Laura Grey & Jordan Klepper | Photo: Matt Weir

By: Sarah Rainone

How could I not have high expectations for Klepper and Grey’s new sketch show "Baggage," which is playing at the UCB Theater in New York? The duo hails from Second City! and The Chicago Tribune has described them as "exceedingly smart" performers with "chaotic genius." The show promised humor about cults, dolphin blood, and how annoying love can be, and it kept its promise. So I decided to talk to Jordan and Laura about their comedic inspirations, Crazy Town and the hilarity of the word "pants."

So two words running through my head while watching Baggage were "classy" and "classic.” Even during the silliest moments you perform with intelligence and style. I was like, "Damn, now I know how audiences must have felt watching Nichols and May."

Laura: First of all, that's very high praise -- too high. Really, I have to thank Jordan for wearing a suit. It always classes things up to see a guy in a suit, telling jokes...and sweating profusely. Now Jordan can make fun of the pantyhose I wear which are really cable knit tights.
Jordan: I would never poke fun at anything cable knit, partially because I lack the knowledge to defend my position.

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