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Sara Schaefer | Photo: Scott MoranBy: Meghan O'Keefe

One of the many things that makes Late Night with Jimmy Fallon so fun to watch is how the show uses Internet culture to connect with its audience. As head blogger/researcher, Sara Schaefer is one of the people tasked with finding new ways to accomplish this.

In addition to her day job, Sara’s also a successful stand-up comic who was profiled last year as one of New York Magazine’s 10 Comics To Watch. I recently got the chance to talk to Sara about her experience at Late Night and her work as a stand-up comic.

How did you get your job as Head Blogger/Researcher at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?
My first gig as a comedian was hosting a show for AOL, called The DL. From there, I was hired at, and then from there I got this job. I've always wanted to work on Late Night in some capacity. Back in the summer of 2008, I read an article about how Fallon was going to start on-line with digital shorts, and the show was going to place an emphasis on interactivity. I immediately thought: how do I help them with that? I knew I would be perfect for it. But I had no idea who to talk to. I asked around, and nobody seemed to have an answer, and after about a week, I kind of gave up on the idea. But then, a few months later, within the course of a single week, 3 different people told me that had recommended me for a job running the blog at Fallon.  Soon enough, I got a call for an interview. In other words, 'The Secret' works.

A lot of people imagine late night talk show writers huddled around a desk working on monologue jokes all day. How similar or different is your job to that?
Well, I'm not a monologue writer for the show, so I don't huddle around a desk writing monologue jokes all day. From what I can tell, there's not much huddling. More like sitting at computers in shared offices joking and talking through ideas. Not all the writers sit in one room, but they gather daily for meetings.

As far as the blog goes, we are a tight little group. We often huddle around a desk watching a viral video. That's the equivalent I suppose. We sit in an office with no windows, and including a couple other staff members, there's 7 people sharing one tiny space. We call it The Cave, and we have a lot of fun in here. I'm very involved in the day-to-day of the show production as well, attending the writers meetings and doing backstage invterviews with our guests almost every day. It's a crazy, fun, big-ass job that exhausts me, but it's worth every second.

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