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Neil Hamburger @ The Brooklyn Knitting Factory - 11.11.9

Neil Hamburger and Merch Guy | Photo: Nate Igor SmithAmerica's Funnyman Neil Hamburger is on tour again; tonight he schlepped through Brooklyn with Jonny Corndawg, JP Incorporated, and a table full of rare and unusual merch.


--We arrived at The Knitting Factory too late to catch Jonny Corndawg but just in time for JP Incorporated, the dude formerly known as Pleaseeasaur.  Since we've last seen him, he's dropped the overhead projector and retarded costume changes in favor of zany videos with catchy songs like Jazzbot Xtreme, Gymnastics Dad, and our personal favorite, Crap Factory:

--JP announced he's touring with Devo for the next two weeks!

--Neil launched his set with new material and this soon-to-be classic: Q: Why don't rapists eat at TGI Friday's? (Keep reading for the A.) We probably said this before, but someone should do an academic study on Neil's vocal register and delivery, because we howl at just his setups--it's so weird.  It doesn't really matter what he's saying half the time.

--Tonight he obliterated the crowd with a bunch of Michael Jackson zingers, RIP. Making fresh appearances in the circus of doomed cultural figures that he regularly squelches: Jett Travolta and Demetri Martin.

--To Neil's genius, he's continuously tweaking his schtick and stage antics.  Gone is any backstory about himself or his failed marriage; the country music time-outs were mostly shelved too.  He has, however, added more intricate, long-form Zipperlips style gags though. 

--SPOTTED: The Naturist Gavin McInnes and his wife Emily, Carla Rhodes, and Todd Barry

--Hannibal Buress begins a FREE! weekly residency at the Knitting Factory this Sunday.

--A: Because it's hard to rape with a stomache ache.


Neil Hamburger Photos/Slideshow | Village Voice