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Kumail Nanjiani: Ready for His Close Up

If the barf-inducing treatise on Jeff Dunham in the NY Times left you feeling too miserable to go on living, you probably missed the Times' terrific profile on Kumail Nanjiani. Aside from learning that Kumail is working on a pilot, we found out the dude is gripped by hustlemania:

"Mr. Nanjiani keeps up the pace, trying to perform every night, twice a night if he can 25 nights a month in a typical month, in as many as 20 different clubs. Then there’s the writing. I give myself a lot of rules, Mr. Nanjiani said. I write stand-up in the morning, give myself a half hour for lunch, and then write TV stuff in the afternoon. Also, I’m never allowed to play more than three games of a video game at once. There are actually tons of rules about video games."

It's Not a Bad Time to Be Funny in the City | NY Times


Is 50+ performances a month standard for comedians?

Is Kumail too busy to realize he's the only person still on MySpace?

Should we cancel our cable because Jeff Dunham keeps appearing on it?