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LOL Trek: Atlanta

Went on a family vacation to Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend and I figured I might as well make a LONGFORM STATUS UPDATE to share otherwise what is the point of going in the first place?? Never been to Atlanta before so I twittered for to-do items and a couple dudes pulled through with goodies. Before I knew it, I was marching intrepidly towards the city like General Sherman for a FUN FILLED DAY OF ACTIVITIES.  Please Note: It is TOTALLY IN to keep calling this place "The ATL" or "Hotlanta"-- use these terms to score mondo cool points when interacting with the local hobos who harrass you every step of your vacation.

PLACE TO EAT: The Flying Biscuit

MmmmDonald Glover suggested going to The Flying Biscuit, a joint that specializes in tasty breakfast. Our server smelled like ham and alcohol and he kept calling my Mom "young lady" -- she loved it! I, on the other hand, loved chowing down on two large farm fresh eggs, chicken sausage, creamy cheese grits, and whole wheat French toast with honey cream and raspberry goo. The biscuits are mighty good too. Don't be fooled though by the Atlanta chain's name, I didn't spot a single flying or high speed biscuit--instead we got overwhelmed, sweaty, very slow biscuits. Still great!!

PLACE TO GO: The Georgia Aquarium

Sea monsters!

The Georgia Aquarium is the world's largest fish tank and probably the world's largest pink-eye smear (it's overrun by youths!). Masterfully designed, every turn of the corner provides another "WTF is happening?" tableau. There's more to do than just stare at sturgeons--for some extra $$$ you can go scuba diving with bloodthirsty sharks and murderous manta rays. I petted a shrimp! You can even watch Baluga whales, when they're not dead or dying, paddle around.  Ladies--walking through the aquarium is also an easy way to burn off callies consumed at the World of Coke museum across the street. The best part though is the relief you feel once you've safely escaped without the bowls bursting all around you.

Like looking in a mirror.PLACE TO SEE A SHOW: Jackpie at The Relapse Theater

The entrance to the Relapse Theater: I'm not getting jumped, am I?

Was planning to see something at Dad's Garage, Atlanta's alt-comedy mainstage, but The South's comedy ambassador Zach Ward tipped me towards Jackpie, an improv collective that rents space out of The Relapse Theater. You can't really walk to anything in Atlanta, you're basically driving from parking lot to parking lot--so own a car if you want to see something here. I pulled in next to a sweet custom van for a late night improv show and was treated to what those in the theatre biz might call "an intimate performance" from their touring team Einstein Meets Elvis. When asked for some details about Jackpie, Jim Karwisch, the collective's Artistic Director, tells me, "Jackpie is a cross between Second City and Improv Olympic. We offer improv, standup, sketch and film classes and shows and provide opportunities to those who are just starting as well as seasoned veterans." Shows run Thursday through Saturday--check it out.

Going on a LOL Trek somewhere soon? Email with your one-day itinerary, photos, and recap.